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"My juice in life is helping people succeed and create the outcomes they desire. Occasionally, we all need a small nudge to remind us that the quality of our matter what we may have still determined by our own effort."  
-- Shawn Anderson

Shawn  AndersonShawn Anderson is a national keynote and motivational speaker, corporate trainer, success coach, and five-time author whose titles include SOAR to the Top!, Amicus 101: A Story About the Pursuit of Purpose and Overcoming Life's Chaos, and most recently, Extra Mile America: Stories of Inspiration, Possibility and Purpose.
With a life mission of empowering 1,000,000 people to lead a more passionate and purposeful existence, Shawn could be the perfect speaking or training voice for your next event.  Known as the "Extra Mile Man," his ability to produce winning results has been acknowledged by national political leaders, Olympic Gold Medal and world record holders, and media outlets across the country. He has built a multimillion dollar business and organized events that make a difference in how people think.
In 2009, Shawn created the Extra Mile America Tour and rode a bicycle 4,000 miles across the country to demonstrate the power of the "extra mile" message. On the 90-day journey, he orchestrated events in 21 cities where he interviewed over 200 "Extra Mile Americans" -- people who had achieved something great by chasing their passions or by turning tragedy into triumph. At the end of the tour, Shawn personally gave $10,000 to the individuals whose extra-mile stories he found most inspiring.
In addition to being an entrepreneur and best-selling author, Shawn is the Founder of the Extra Mile America Foundation, a nonprofit organization that empowers people to "go the extra mile." In 2012, Shawn led 362 mayors to declare November 1 "Extra Mile Day." In 2013, 400 Mayors in all 50 states are expected to issue an Extra Mile Day proclamation. 
Shawn passionately believes great things happen in life when we dig a bit deeper...push a bit harder...and "go the extra mile." Interested in taking your people to a higher level of passion and purpose? Take a look at the Books to Change Your Life, Need a Dynamic Keynote Speaker?, and Motivate Your Team pages.   


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