Billionaires...on the Inside


As I write this, I am floating in the Pacific Ocean...85 miles off the coast of Guatemala.

Costa Rica, Peru, and Chile are additional landing spots in upcoming days.

I haven't spent a lot of time in this part of the world, but I love Central America because it is rich in humility, kindness and gratitude. Although many here are in survival mode on the "outside," they are billionaires on the "inside."

It feels good to be around a billionaire on the inside. You see the richness in his kind eyes. You feel the wealth of her sincere smile and humble words. When I leave a billionaire on the inside's presence, I feel awesome...and richer.

In some parts of the world, I believe the definition of "success" may be backwards. The pursuit of titles, dollars and fame are glorified; the people who achieve them become our success models and heroes. Humility, kindness and gratitude are too often forgotten traits...and certainly not the sort of qualities that are held up as model-like.

How unfortunate.

As I move down the coast of Central America, I look forward to the unknown people I will be meeting and talking to in the upcoming days. At every street corner turn, I will do my best to share my smile and create conversation. In trade, I am positive I will have the great fortune to meet three...or four...or maybe even ten billionaires...on the inside.

How awesome will that be?

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