Don't Lose Hope


Sometimes...we have days that beat the bonkers out of us.

They happen...and it doesn't matter how empowered we are.        

Absolutely, I have days and weeks where my friend "Luck" has forgotten me. But what I never forget is that "Hope" is a much better friend. "Luck" is fickle; he comes and goes. But "Hope"...she keeps me powering forward despite events and results.

You may feel your career, relationships, life and direction have dulled. You may feel the stale breath of fear and despair in your face...but never lose touch with the power of "Hope." And if she seems to have disappeared from your world, there is always one way to guarantee her return: start taking action to change whatever it is that makes your world feel crummy. 

"Hope" is always reunited with us when we take action on what ails our spirit.

Without taking action on your goals and challenges, "Hope" slowly turns into a shadow. And then she turns into a ghost. And then every day eventually turns into pure mediocrity.

Take steps that evolve into giant steps. That is the point where "Hope" becomes our best friend, and it is also the point where our fickle friend "Luck" notices us and wants to sneak his way back into our world. 

By Shawn Anderson
Speaker, Author, & Unlimited Thinker

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