The Fake News That Affects YOU Most

Fake news is exaggerated or 100% made up.  
We read it, we hear it...and if we don't know any better, we can potentially fall into the deceptor's trap. Fake news has the power to make us open our wallets, change our minds, and ultimately believe something that isn't real or true.

Fake news can be disguised as the the miracle weight loss pill, the "no lose" investment idea, or the politician who promises everything. Fake news scares, thrills, angers, gives hope, saddens, excites and frustrates us. In all cases, it pokes its long, manipulative finger right into our emotional heart and prompts us to think some version of "OMG!" 

The most damaging fake news, however, doesn't come from a dubious website, newspaper column, politician or talk show host.

It comes from ourselves...and the information source that sits on top of our shoulders. 

It's the fake information channel that gives us an excuse to put more time into a job we hate. It's the fake news channel that gives us an excuse to avoid going on the cruise ship because it could sink. It's the fake information source that keeps us enduring a negative relationship. It's the fake news channel that tells us old age is the reason we can't walk around the block anymore.

It's the fake news source that creates the best bunk in keeping us at our most mediocre.

There is no scheming website or news source in the world that can sabotage our decisions or us faster than the fake news we whisper to ourselves... about ourselves. Yes, some news channels can really make a mess of the truth. But no channel can make more of a mess of our own lives than the one reporting from the top of our shoulders. 

If you hear yourself making excuses too often, it could be time to quit listening to your own fake news.

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