Fear is a Thief


It steals our wings. 

It hijacks our dreams. 

It kidnaps our confidence.

"Fear" is definitely not the topic for a "feel good" newsletter...but it is the topic for taking a hard look at what stops us from going for what we want most. Fear steals our opportunity to live how we want to live...to go where we want to go...to be who we want to be.

Fear might disguise itself as an "excuse" in a attempt to make us feel better when we choose not to move forward on a goal or an idea, but nonetheless, fear is often the face behind the "excuse mask."

Fear is everywhere we dare to dream.

Some assume I am fearless. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

I am aware of fear's dagger-eyed, dream-stealing stare down very well. I felt it strongly before heading off on my recent 750-mile hiking adventure around Japan. I felt it fully before I hired my most recent staff member despite an already expense-burdened budget. I felt it greatly in starting my most recent book. I have felt fear 1,000 other times.

I know the fear of failing...of not being good enough...of embarrassing myself...of losing security. I know fear intimately. When you dare to walk on the cliffs of uncertainty as much as I have in my life, you camp out with fear often.

But it is because I know that fear is always lurking that I'm able to move forward. Fear...to me...has become like a second person trying to steal my greatest successes, experiences, adventures and potential. 

Fear is NOT me. 

When I see fear...feel fear...camp with fear...I now recognize this villain for who he is: a thief trying to get me to live a smaller life than I desire. 

The next time you feel fear...remember it is NOT you, either.

Instead, fear is that thief whose objectives are to freeze you in your seat, to scare you to dream smaller, and to steal your very best life.

Please don't let the thief in. 

Don't let "fear" ever steal the best version of you.

By Shawn Anderson
Speaker, Author, & Unlimited Thinker

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