Focus...and Unload



An excessively heavy and over-loaded "wheelbarrow" is prone to tip over.

If you've ever pushed a wheelbarrow loaded with firewood, dirt, rocks, bricks, know it's that one "extra" that gets added to the already full load that has the potential to tip the wheelbarrow over. It's that one extra that we nervously load and think we can still lift and push. But as we try to lift the wheelbarrow, it quickly leans too far in one direction; momentum and gravity take over, and BOOM. Everything dumps out and crashes to the ground.

Too much. 

Too heavy.

Soon crashing. 

Our lives can feel like that excessively loaded wheelbarrows at times, too...too much and too heavy...ready to tip if we are forced to take on one more project, drama or problem. 

Been there?

There is a secret to avoid the tipping over part...however.

Quit lifting...and start unloading "rocks."

One by one. 

If your world is getting heavy with projects, deadlines, dramas and events, it doesn't make your world lighter by complaining or just staring at your heavily loaded wheelbarrow. For your life to really get lighter, you need to start unloading.

Unload the "rocks"...ONE at a time.

Take on that ONE heavy conversation hanging over your head...then go to the next rock. Finish that ONE big deadline that is looming...then go to the next rock. Take action on that ONE weighty "To Do" item in which you have been procrastinating...then go on to the next rock. Write that ONE important email...then go to the next rock.  

Focus on unloading...just at a time. 

No staring. No complaining. No lifting them all at once.

Focus on ONE...and get that ONE out of your wheelbarrow first.

That's how we regain balance.

That's how we keep pushing through.

That's how we avoid life "tippage."

Life feeling too much and too heavy? 

Focus...and then unload.

Just ONE.

One by one.

By Shawn Anderson
Speaker, Author, & Unlimited Thinker

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