Getting Off the Grind


It's 6:15 a.m. 

...and I'm sitting in the airport people watching.

A lot of people were definitely up early to get here this morning...including lots of "suits." I am wondering how many of the suits do this regularly, and how many like their jobs. Having been a guy who flew weekly on Southwest Airlines for ten years, I know the long distance commute gig really well. Some people might love that life. I didn't.

Packing a suitcase, unpacking a suitcase, parking my car, finding my car, checking into the hotel, checking out of the hotel, fighting traffic one direction, fighting traffic the other direction...for me, it was a serious grind. I was not a fan of Mondays. Even Sundays became lame because I knew that Mondays were a day away.

I was definitely not living the best version of myself.

And I felt it.

Every week.

Hey...I absolutely get the fact that we all have bills to pay and responsibilities to meet, and sometimes we have to survive in a job that might be a "C" grade. But a passionate distaste for Mondays should not be a part of the deal. No way. No how.

In my case ten years ago, I had definitely created the wrong job.

I now know that the empowered life...the motivated life...the awesome life has nothing to do with surviving the grind, but everything to do with finding the flow.

If you feel as if you are consistently in grind mode in ANY part of your life, that's probably a warning sign that it's time to have a little self-talk. Either find a way to change your attitude and see the good about the grind you're living...or find a way to change your grind completely.

Life is too short.

And it's way too short to always be grinding.

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