Heroes, Capes...and TMZ


On November 1st...560+ cities and towns across America will declare Extra Mile Day

In different ways, mayors from Kodiak, Alaska, to Washington, D.C., are recognizing Extra Mile Day by shining a light on the superstar heroes who are "going the extra mile" and making unique contributions that make their community a special place. 

In Canton, Ohio, it's the Harper brothers who made sure that the skies were not dark on the 4th of July by raising $33,000 so that the fireworks tradition lived on. In Barre City, Vermont, it's Barbara Fantoni who makes quilts for those in need and bakes pies to sell for the benefit of the fire department. In Columbus, Mississippi, it's Tjajuan Boswell who adds to the city's unique beauty by planting trees, shrubs and flowers throughout the city. And it's thousands of others like them who unselfishly give of themselves in order to fill a special need.

All across the country there are passionate people who take the "go the extra mile" message to heart and live it. They are not the people who make TMZ headlines, but they are the people who restore hope, optimism and kindness. 

These people are my heroes.

November 1st will soon be behind us, but my real purpose in creating Extra Mile Day was not to serve as a one-day beacon, but to instead share a 365-day-a-year message:

We each have the power to change someone's life every time we give an inch more of ourselves and "go the extra mile." 

We only have to choose to take action...and put on our invisible capes.

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