How to Stay Motivated?


I totally get it. Staying motivated isn't easy.

Even for a guy who does what I do, keeping motivated every moment isn't something that comes naturally.  To some, I may seem to have non-stop motivation, but I humbly confess that jumping out of bed psyched to begin each new day is not how this "motivational thing" consistently works.

At least not for me.

I have no magical DNA or superpower that authorizes me to automatically live with perfect passion and purpose every day. Disappointment, rejection and bad news can absolutely sting my spirit and strike a crack in a moment's hope. 

But an uninspiring moment never has to translate into an unmotivated day. Or week.

The key? 

Never stop working at staying motivated.

This is what I do...EVERY day:

#1: I start with the conscious intent that I want to live a motivated life. (It's more fun.)

#2: I tie that intent to building specific moments into my daily schedule that spark inspiration and empowerment; I keep my brain and body wired to STAY motivated.

You did pick up on the fact that I do this EVERY day...right?

Living a motivated life...and staying there...starts with doing the continuous "prep work" it takes to get there. There are no other guru-like shortcuts.

You know you best...and you also know the perfect activities you need to do to bring out your best YOU. Build your day's schedule with these activities time-stamped into it. Please note, these should not be "Hope To Do" activities on your "To Do" list.  These are activities that should be identified as "Must Do." The more often you follow through and do them, the stronger your base for staying motivated during tough times becomes.

My feeling is why would I ever want to live an unmotivated life?

Thank goodness it is in my power to not have to.


By Shawn Anderson
Speaker, Author, & Unlimited Thinker

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