Life Crossroads...To Go Left Or Right?


Years ago...I announced a high school football game on the radio.

I only did it once...but it was a pretty awesome game. 

The town was small, and I did a lot of local radio advertising in it, so as a perk, the station Director asked if I would like to announce a game for the local high school team they covered. He knew I was pretty "fluid" in my words, liked football...and since he was one person down in the announcing booth, I got the nod.

The game will forever be memorable to me because of the opportunity to see one very rare player play a game dramatically different than the rest of the players on the field that day.  The kid was from the opposing team, La Jolla Country Day School, and he was Superman Jr. in football pads. When he was given the football, he seemed to be able to avoid tackles with ease and run forever without seemingly being touched. 

I interviewed Superman Jr. after the game, and he was as humble as one could ever be and still let it be known that his goal was to be a super football player.

Fast forward a few years after that game...

The kid I went crazy announcing for on that one special day in Hemet, California, won the Heisman Trophy for being college football's BEST player. One year after that, he was awarded Rookie-of-the-Year honors in the NFL for being pro football's most promising new player.

He really did prove to be Superman...forget the Junior part.

Fast forward to this past week...

Rashaan Salaam, age 42, was found in a park two miles from the University of Colorado football field where he had become a legend in college football history.  A note was found next to his body. An investigation is still going on, but police suspect it was a suicide.

What a terribly tragic ending to Rashaan's Superman story.

What can we learn from this sad turn of events?

I believe that over the course of our lives, each of us encounters tens of different crossroads that could dramatically affect our own story's ending.  The crossroads are found in the jobs we work, the relationships we choose, and the decisions we make. 

A left turn or a right turn at those crossroad moments determines the direction of how our stories are written...and how they are finished.

If you find yourself at a crossroad's moment in life, I believe the best ending to your story will be found not by looking at how your decision will affect your now or even your tomorrow...but how your decision will affect your tomorrow five years from now.

Having trouble with a crossroad's decision in your life? 

Ask your "future self" for the answer. 

I believe your "future self"...YOU in five years...will steer you in the right direction today and also guide you in writing (or re-writing) your own story's best possible ending.

Get to know FUTURE you.


Nobody else will care more than about the crossroad decision you face today.

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