Living In Bunches


This week's column is for YOU if:

1. You've been living a bunch of GOOD days in a row...
and you want to keep the positive mojo going and feeling awesome about your life.

2. You've been living a bunch of BAD days in a row...
and you desperately want to break the cycle and create a few more happy days.

If you fit one of those two descriptions, please read on.

First...for those who are rolling along awesomely:

Don't take your eye off of creating positive routine. I was never a fan of routine until I learned it was the key to generating my greatest successes. It was the key to establishing good health...motivating purpose...inspired action...and successful results. 

When life is really rolling well, that is when I know to work my schedule with even more discipline doing those activities that seemingly waive magic over my mindset: exercising, reading and listening to empowering material, meditating, and hanging out with battery-charging people who ignite the best part of me. THOSE activities are the ones that plant "positivity" into me. THOSE are the activities that guide whether I feel great about me...or not.

Second...for those who seem to be finding massive amounts of bad luck, failure, rejection, doubt, overwhelm and chaos in their life:

Read the answer for #1. 


Good days...bad days...they are made worse or better by what is going on in our heads. Our mindset leads our attitude. Our attitude is how we see our lives and our world. We keep the good rolling...and we keep the bad rolling, too...depending on what we think and how we feel. We guide that. We program that. We are in charge of that. 

Changing the quality of our lives always starts with changing the quality of our thoughts. Find the routines that keep you feeling the best about you...and if you do, I guarantee the good will keep rolling...and the bad will soon stop.

By Shawn Anderson
Speaker, Author, & Unlimited Thinker

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