One WWW Site Not Worth Visiting


Whine. Worry. Weep.
They are always options.

If you dread Mondays and don't find passion in your could just "WWW" about it.

(If you think that helps.)

If you don't like how you feel about your could just "WWW" about it.

(If that makes you feel better.)

If you think an important relationship in your life is on the wrong could just "WWW" about it.

(If you think that will fix things.)

If your financial situation is a could just "WWW" about it.

(If you think that makes it easier to cope with the situation.)

If you want...but aren't getting... the guy, the girl, the raise, the job, the deal, the knowledge, the experience, the adventure, the connection, the romance, the health, the harmony, or the happiness... you could "WWW" about it all you want.

But it won't help you get ANY of those.

Whining, worrying and weeping are options to deal with every rain drop...or meteor...that hits our personal world. They're just not options to make the rain...or the meteors...stop falling.

Do you really want to live the life you love?

Then don't click on "WWW."



By Shawn Anderson
Speaker, Author, & Unlimited Thinker

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