Overcoming Fear


My secret to pushing past fear? 

I picture myself AFTER doing the scary thing...rather than BEFORE doing it.



In taking on a new venture...or adventure...the way I move past the fear that potentially blocks me from going for it is by asking myself the question:

How will I feel later (tomorrow...next week...next year...in twenty years) if I don't do this?

I don't get stuck on how I feel in the NOW

I focus on how I will feel in the FUTURE.

THAT is what gets me on the plane to spend two months in a foreign country. THAT is what gets me to start the new book. THAT is what pushes me to take the risk. THAT is what drives whether I DO...or I DON'T DO.

In Auckland, New Zealand, there is an iconic building called the Sky Tower. It is the tallest man-made structure in the Southern Hemisphere. It's also famous for something called the Sky Jump. At this attraction, people have the opportunity to jump off the building at a height of 630 feet and hurtle to the ground at roughly 53 miles per hour.

Well...I proudly share that I am one of those jumpers.  

I confess, however, it was NOT an easy accomplishment.

I was terrified as I headed up to the 53rd floor. I was the last person jumping off the building for the day and, thus, happened to go up the elevator solo. More time to think about what I was doing.

Even my fear was freaking out.

BIG time.

When I exited the elevator, two cheerful Sky Jump employees jokingly pulled me towards my harness. I saw the short plank I was to intentionally walk off. I said out loud, "No freaking way!"


I was coaxed to try. I walked to the edge of the plank. I looked down at the miniature cars below. I turned around.

While back-pedaling back to the roof, my brain was sending off the loudest "Red Alert" I have ever heard. I told the two workers, "It ain't going to happen!" They were smart enough not to push me, and as they started the process of unharnessing me, I was smart enough to ask myself:

"If I don't do this...how will I feel later?" 

Picture TOMORROW over the NOW. 

That's how I find the power to "jump" in everything I do.

I stopped the two guys. Once secured in the harness again, I walked back to the plank...turned around to play a trick on my brain...and I walked off the plank backwards. Before my brain could figure out what was going on and stop me...I was falling and screaming.

And loving it.

Sometimes to get past the fear we know we WISH we could get past, we have to focus more on the TOMORROW than the NOW.

And when we do, we will find the power to "walk the plank" today.

Even if it is backwards.


By Shawn Anderson
Speaker, Author, & Unlimited Thinker

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