And She'll Be Right


Much of life... we live what we create.

Let me add some color.

Roatan, Honduras is a small island 40 miles off the coast of mainland Honduras. A few days ago, I spent eight rich hours there. 

I climbed challenging hills, walked though poor neighborhoods that broke my heart, talked to tired fishermen just off their boats, shared beers with happy locals, fed hungry stray dogs, visited interesting local shops, played with a small Capuchin monkey...and attended an impromptu band performance by four non-English speaking, 8-year-olds (?) who banged coffee cans and danced with all the crazy heart passion they could muster for their paying audience of

At day's end, I was so full of gratitude that it was falling out of my pockets.

Before leaving the island, I was sitting in a small local bar hoping to sneak in a rare wifi opportunity. I hadn't had online access in a few days and was soon clicking through emails as fast as my brain could read. I was super focused and seemingly immune to most everything around me until my concentration was poked.

"Roatan wasn't too exciting...was it?"

I looked up. A woman sitting at a nearby table had her sights set on chatting.

"Not what you expected?" I questioned.

"I don't like the small towns. There's not much to see and do," she said.

I felt I would have been speaking to closed ears sharing my day's experiences, so I politely replied before packing up, "Hopefully the next port will be better."

"I doubt it. I hear it's slow, too," she unenthusiastically countered.

And she'll be right.

Just not for me.

Much of life...we live what we create.

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