The Amazing Woman on the Flying Trapeze


Hanging merely by an ankle.
Swaying on a trapeze.
Spinning 25 feet in the air.
Wowing the crowd below.

Ohhh...and she has no safety net. 

Meet aerial artist extraordinaire...Christie Cahill.  

Besides soaring fearlessly 25 feet above the ground performing superhuman circus tricks, Christie is also a mime, a clown, a dancer and a choreographer. She does the jobs in life that make us laugh. The jobs that make us happy and inspire us. The jobs that make us gasp and whisper "ooh" and "aah!

But more than what she does in the "outside world," it's her "inside world" that inspires me the most. Christie is bold. She is daring. And most of all, she is true to living the life she wants to live most. Christie has mastered the ability to have ultimate faith in her dreams...and she continually demonstrates the magic that can happen when you block out fear and chase your heart's truest tug. 

What's it like to "let go" and fly?

"There is NOTHING like it! You train so long and hard and work on tricks and drills and strength every single day, hours and hours a day, and you have moments of realizing that it is your own body holding you up and making you fly! It's incredible to recognize what the human body is capable of...ANY human body...if you train it." 

It must be crazy scary on the trapeze. How do you do it?

"There is definitely fear, but you also have to TRUST yourself and what you have done to get here and KNOW that you can keep going through the air and be safe because you are in control...always.  But the fear never leaves; it is just redirected to keeping yourself and your partners safe...and trusting that you CAN do the routine and that you HAVE done the routine before."    

How did you find the courage to get back up after your first fall?

"When first starting trapeze, I realized I was afraid of heights, and my first time at a high point, I froze and panicked. But then I realized, the height doesn't change the trick or skill level; it is all mental. And yes, I fell once, and it really scared me.  After that, I had to talk myself into it EVERY time for a while. I had to realize what I did wrong and get right back up and try again.  The longer you wait to try again, the more the fear consumes you. Again...all mental. Feel the fear, acknowledge it, but don't let it hold you back."  

Ever experience the pressure of people telling you to "get a normal life"? 

"I've had so many people suggest other careers for 'when your finished with this stuff.' These days I just laugh and tell them that Broadway or Cirque du Soleil is the ultimate goal, and I leave it at that."     

What would you share with others who have a passion to take the "road less traveled"...but are afraid to "let go"?

"It is SOOOOOO worth it! No one else is living that same path and can never quite understand...but YOU know the regret of NOT doing your dream. You have to live with that one don't worry about what others say. Of course, I'm human and wonder why I didn't do things the 'easy way,' but then I think about the path I would have been on; it just wouldn't have filled my soul in the same way."    

How did you get to this point of awesome courage?

"I journal regularly and that's usually how I figure out my dreams and goals. Sometimes, I didn't realize I was even yearning for that 'thing' until I write it on paper and think, 'Oh, ok! I guess that was inside of me somewhere wanting to come out.' Then it's my job to recognize the feeling, and bring it to life."  

We should all know a Christie Cahill in life...right?

People like her remind us to walk our heart's path. 

People like her show us what someone can accomplish with thousands of hours of focus...discipline...and passion. 

People like her remind us that if we leave our fear on the ground, not only do we have the potential to soar higher in our own dreams...but we each have the power within us to make the seemingly impossible...POSSIBLE.

Thank you for showing me what is possible, Christie.

Thank you for showing all of us.


By Shawn Anderson
Speaker, Author, & Unlimited Thinker

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