Ten Days of Twilight Zone Crazy


Sometimes...life can get all sorts of Twilight Zone crazy on us. 

Here is a big-time example...

I have a friend (a single working Mom of a teenage daughter) who scraped and saved hard to recently buy a condo. It was a stressful financial push-up that definitely put her on edge. 

But that was minor stress compared to what was coming.

During the condo closing, her father had a stroke. Highly stressful nights were then spent at the hospital with her dad; at the same time, she served as the emotional strength for her mom. And her own daughter.

But wait...there is more.

She drove her mom home in her mom's car and left her car parked overnight near the hospital. With so much on her mind, she didn't see the parking signs. When she returned to her own car on the next day, there was one...and then two...parking tickets waiting for her on her windshield. 

Her country song continues.

She was forced to wade through her parents' bills and financial records to help take care of immediate family needs; this became the next wacky mess because her father had the online passwords and couldn't talk or communicate in order to share them. 

Not through yet.

She went to check on her recently purchased condo which she had not seen since the closing of the sale. When she arrived at the entrance, she discovered some jerk had kicked in her gate and door. She hadn't even had time to get home owner's insurance since the transaction had closed. The door had to be taped up and then replaced. Another $1,000 bill flew out of her purse. 

Wait...there are more verses to her song.

The cat ran away. (Thankfully, "Opie" returned.)

More is coming.

As of today, she is now looking for a renter for her just-purchased condo because she is moving in with her parents to help her mom take care of her dad.

It all happened in ten days.

Two days after happily celebrating her dad's birthday.

Life can get all sorts of Twilight Zone crazy at times. 

And because this IS possible, it should give us reason to find that daily moment where we stop... breathe deeply...whisper "thank you"...and count every one of our blessings. 

Living the empowered life is being able to see a "buoy of good" in an "ocean of bad."

Even with the ten miles of rough water my amazing friend is now swimming through... that is the lesson she is learning. And that is the lesson she is passing forward.

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