Question #17: What's Next For You?


This week, I was answering 17 questions for a magazine interview in Africa.

After completing the first 16 answers with all the passion and purpose I could find using those 26 letters of the alphabet, I came to the last question:

#17. What's next for you?

The question represented an opportunity to talk about an upcoming book, future trips and perhaps opportunities percolating in my mind that are waiting to be developed. But an answer leaning that direction would have been too cerebral and not enough from my heart. I wanted to do better than that. This time, a traditional response just didn't seem good enough.

Change is happening every day in the world...and events are moving faster and faster it seems. It's hard to avoid the news of the big and small events of the world...whether it's being reported by CNN or your friend's most recent Facebook post. With such a seemingly crazy world all around me, I took a step back in answering the question and wrote the answer most sincere in my heart. My finale answer to the question "What's next for you?" may be short...but I thought about it for 90 minutes.

Here's the answer I submitted to #17:

"What's next for me? Just living my NEXT moment to the fullest. Whatever I am doing...writing, reading, playing, thinking, meditating, exercising, sharing, creating, building...I want to bring my best to that NEXT moment. Absolutely...goals give our life awesome purpose. BUT we can never be so obsessed with their achievement that we lose track of the simple joy, adventure and happiness of taking our dog for a walk...of learning about the mysteries of the Universe...or of witnessing the beauty of watching a bird soar. Life is an amazing be be cherished...and to be lived with the best of our heart, mind and soul. It's that goal of learning to enjoy the challenges and adventures of each NEXT day that I am given...of each NEXT moment I experience...and of each NEXT I am gifted to breathe. So what's next for me? Learning to master my NEXT."

I hope my answer can shine some light on your answer.

So...what's NEXT for you?

By Shawn Anderson
Speaker, Author, & Unlimited Thinker

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