The ALL-TIME Greatest Class


I was sitting in the waiting room hoping that my name would be called soon.

I've done enough waiting (waiting...waiting) room events in my life to know that I should bring something with me to avoid sighing over and over as I wait, so my laptop rested on my knees. As I pecked at the keyboard, my head periodically popped up every time a new person came or went from the office. I would let our eyes connect, and with a silent smile, I would let the person know they mattered.

"I see you."

As the door opened again, a little old Japanese woman slowly walked into the room. In her right hand, she was holding a cane to steady her shaky balance. On her left arm, she held on tightly to her companion for an extra dose of safety. She was dramatically slumped over at her waist as she walked.

I sent an "I see you...and I am rooting for you!" smile her way.

She saw me, stopped in front of where I was sitting, and smiled so big I could see her teeth. In a very strong accent she said: "I hope you have a good day.

"Thank you," I beamed back. "You stay healthy...okay?"

Still smiling she replied: "I am 88...but I am going to try hard and make it to 100.

Life is always teaching and we are always in class. 

We just have to pay attention.

No matter how much life pokes or pains us, we never have to give up our optimism. We might not be able to choose the 99+ unwished for events and moments that happen to us, but always do we get to choose the attitude in which we walk.

The aches, the heartbreaks, the bad experiences, the terrible days...they will come. 

But that never means our positive attitude has to leave.

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