Seeing What You Aren't Seeing


"I don't even notice it." 

As I walk around the coast of Ireland, I have whispered to myself "Wow!" 100 times as I take in the awesome beauty of the country. Often, however, my intended whisper turns into a sound much more audible when I see a visual that really blows me away.

I can't help it. Ireland is a sightseeing wonderland.

Although I see the breathtaking visuals, I have come to learn many of the locals do not. I may stare and my jaw may drop, but for those who live here every day...not so much.

Shawn: "You live in an unbelievably beautiful area!"

Response from local resident: "I don't notice it."

Shawn: "Your view of the Irish Sea is amazing!"

Response from Bread and Breakfast host: "I don't even look at it."

Shawn: "The cliff views are stunning!"

Response from townsperson: "I don't see them."

But isn't that the way it is wherever we are?

It's easy to take for granted the awesomeness that is in our every day lives when we stop noticing.

The beautiful scenery.

The rewarding job.

The fantastic weather.

The great friend.

The loyal partner.

The consistent health.

The kind neighbor.

It's often easy to not see what is always there for us to see.

I totally get we each have important goals and never-ending "To Do" lists that dominate our attention, but I believe living an empowered life starts with taking a moment to breathe...looking around at our lives...and whispering "thank you."

Today is a perfect day to really see what we have not been seeing.

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