The First Time I Did It

The first time I signed my name "A. Friend" was in the 90's.

Lions, Kittens...and the Shallow End of the Pool

When life gets dramatic and challenging... I take a walk.

I don't do it to escape reality.

I do it to find reality.

A Note Inside the Turtle

I noted the three Mayan Indian women when I first entered the village that morning.

And She'll Be Right

Much of life... we live what we create.

Let me add some color.

Roatan, Honduras is a small island 40 miles off the coast of mainland Honduras. A few days ago, I spent eight rich hours there. 

Partying with Jamaican Snoop Dog

I was on a 6-hour hike up the coast of Jamaica.

Wearing my backpack and carrying a small umbrella to protect me from periodic downpours, I would occasionally seek out cover from the trees or a building when the rain came down extra hard.

More Than Just Surviving

Recently, my "No Regrets Living" philosophy sparked the interest of a journalist.

I was asked to expand. 

I emailed back and pointed to a survey that I had read many years ago that influenced my thinking so significantly that it's branded on my brain.

Wear the Shoes You Want

This is about running shoes. (But only if you think it is.)

I was knocking out a quick lunchtime walk and simultaneously returning phone calls. On one call, I was asked about my adventures walking across countries. 

The ALL-TIME Greatest Class

I was sitting in the waiting room hoping that my name would be called soon.

The Day You Changed YOU

There are dates in our lives easily remembered. It's because something unforgettable happened.

January 1, 2018.

Three Very, VERY Awesome Gifts...For You

It's the season of gifts.  And I have three for you. 

Each of the gifts is an intangible. There are no bows nor wrappings included. There is no assembly nor batteries needed. You can't touch them or even see them, but when the time is right, my greatest hope is that they will come to your rescue.

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