Predict Your Future

No one has a crystal ball that can predict how big...or small...your future success will be. The only real predictor of what YOUR future success may be is your day-to-day actions. All of your tomorrows are being shaped, molded, and given a piece of wet everything you do today.


Passionate Belief

Passionate belief is the fuel that feeds success. It creates positive mojo. It's the difference between carrying an idea to the mountain top...or leaving it to forever sleep at the mountain's base.


Reaching Your Goal

If you find yourself unhappy with the results you are  producing, boldly throw even more  action and effort into your goals. Don't complain about everything that is not going right. Instead, choose to take action and cause something better.


Never Ever Quit

Never, never quit. Keep climbing your own mountain. Keep burning the midnight oil, keep communicating, keep researching, keep writing, keep calling, keep exercising, keep looking...keep doing your best. Keep coming back again and again.


Go the Extra Mile

Allow yourself to get stuck twice before stopping. When you think your brainpower has been spent and your idea bank is empty, push one more time. Find one more possible solution.

That is what is called going the extra mile.

Just Keep Moving

Sometimes to get the best out of ourselves...and life...we need to absorb the blows. We need to find a way to get through the tough times without quitting. We need to reject the thoughts that keep us from moving forward.


Don't Let Fear Stop You!

Don't limit yourself or what you would love to do because of your personal fear or the fear of what others may think. Eliminate society's age-imposed limitations from your thinking. Write your own life story...from beginning to be as interesting and unique as you can imagine.



I don't regret taking the risks that bombed. I do regret not taking a few of the risks that had scared me.


The Genie in the Bottle

There really is a magical, wish-granting genie that lives in a bottle.The genie is named "Potential." And you are the bottle in which it lives. Never stop believing in you.


Cause and Effect

"The rewards that you receive in life, whether they're tangible (a nice big paycheck)or intangible (a feeling of pride), are directly related to the effort or service that you provide to other people.  Cause and effect in its most simple form is this: throw in wood...get back heat."


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