5 Tips to Guarantee a Lousy 2014

Did you have a LOUSY 2013?? 

Here are 5 tongue-in-cheek tips to GUARANTEE 2014 will be just as weak:

How to Guarantee a Crummy 2015

With 2015 here...many are whispering: "Good riddance 2014."

I've Taped the Words to My Mirror

In Singapore, the signs are everywhere making this law very clear:

Forever a Fantasy

Forever a fantasy. Never a reality.

Fear and the Bali Motorbike

In Bali, Indonesia... the roads are overwhelmed with thousands of motorbikes. 

What Did You Say?

Words are fortune tellers.

Am I Doing Enough?

For the last three weeks, I've been in Asia.



It was Og and Ben

The two most influential people in my life I've never met. 

The Huge "Should I?" Question

Should I go for it?

Should I...
Look for a new job?
Stay in the relationship?
Go on the trip? Pull the plug?

The Choice that Energizes or Contaminates

We have a choice. 
It begs to made early in the morning.
It seeks to be made again and again throughout the day.

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