I don't regret taking the risks that bombed. I do regret not taking a few of the risks that had scared me.


The Genie in the Bottle

There really is a magical, wish-granting genie that lives in a bottle.The genie is named "Potential." And you are the bottle in which it lives. Never stop believing in you.


Cause and Effect

"The rewards that you receive in life, whether they're tangible (a nice big paycheck)or intangible (a feeling of pride), are directly related to the effort or service that you provide to other people.  Cause and effect in its most simple form is this: throw in wood...get back heat."


Having a Bad Day?

When you have a bad day? Let it go. Take a moment to learn from it...figure why mistakes were made and what the "trigger" was that might have sent you spiraling...and then move on. Today. Now.


Making a Legacy

What will your legacy be? How will your life be remembered? We might not be sure of those answers exactly...but one thing is for certain...the answers will be rooted in the seeds we individually plant today.


Success Coach

Our business cards may not say it, but we all have the title of "Success Coach." Look in the mirror and meet your client.


What is the Color of Your Day?

Happiness is determined by what crayons we use to color our days. Life will always be as uniquely "Brilliant" or as mundanely "Blah" as the crayons we choose. Choose your crayons wisely.


It's Your Choice

Motivated living...or mediocre living...that's a choice you and I make daily. No one makes it for us. It starts with the person in the mirror, and the footprints that led you to where you are today are yours.


Setting Goals

Why even set a goal unless you are SERIOUS about achieving it? Create a great day...and believe in yourself.


Know Your Stuff

If you want huge opportunity to develop in your life…prepare. Then prepare some more. Discover the incredible power of knowing your stuff. 


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