Be More Productive

Play life with great energy! Be more productive! Focus on the big goals you’d like to achieve, and then spend every minute possible checking off the smaller details that make the big goals happen.


Honor, Character, and Integrity

Walk with honor, character, and integrity in all that you do. Do these things and you will find that you can appreciate the adventure of life and live with greater ease. 


Never Stop Going the Extra Mile

Never stop thinking and sharing the positive. Never stop encouraging another. Never stop jumping in and serving. Never stop believing. Never stop shining. And never stop "going the extra mile."


Choose Fortitude and Perseverance

When the journey towards achieving your goal becomes tough, break away from the human tendency to sting yourself and quit. Push past the temptations and distractions that cause you to lose sight of your goal. Choose fortitude. Choose perseverance. Go the extra mile and keep pushing forward. 


Go the Extra Mile

Sometimes in life, failure, defeat and tragedy strike us hard...and life gets pretty dark. To me, the "go the extra mile" concept is all about carrying an imaginary flashlight and shining it up ahead when life starts to lose it's "light." 


Advice From a Pessimist?

Heeding advice from a pessimist is risky business. Achievers need to have 100% confidence in themselves despite the negative gale forces coming at them. They need to believe that eventual success will come.


Never Quit!

Of course, nothing can guarantee that you’ll accomplish your goal for certain, but there’s one thing that will guarantee that you won’t accomplish it…quitting. Yes, temptations and distractions can sidetrack your mission, but you can never stop trying. You must never quit.


What Do You Choose?

You always have two distinct choices when you open your eyes in the morning: Take on the challenges of the day with enthusiasm and hope, or let out a groan and start worrying about all the things you have to do. Those two choices are exactly that…choices. You choose. And each begins with the sort of attitude you have.


Reach for Your Dreams

A fairytale dream comes to life. It can happen...but not by just talking or dreaming about an idea. The inspiration that hides in your mind can never be seen unless you let it out for others to see.


How to be a Magnet

Your attitude is a magnet. An attitude committed to succeeding magnetically draws opportunity; it magically attracts people. A person who wears an attitude that’s enthusiastic, confident, and determined will cause people to positively gravitate toward him or her.


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