A 2011 Success "Recipe"

December 30, 2010...

A Mental "Sting"...

December 29, 2010...

Do You Need to Change What You Are Doing?

December 28, 2010...

How Have You Been "Running" Lately?

December 27, 2010...

Are You Living Your Answers?

December 26, 2010...

If someone asked you, "What's the key to a successful life?" What would you answer?

If somone asked you, "What's the key to having financial security?" What would you answer?

If someone asked you, "What's the key to having an amazing relationship?" What would you answer?

And one final question...

Are you living YOUR answers?

By Shawn Anderson

Merry Christmas!!!

December 25, 2010...

Merry Christmas! May this holiday season be one where great and lasting memories are forever created.

- Shawn Anderson

So What Are You Waiting For?

December 24, 2010...

"I wish I could make more money." What are you waiting for?

"I wish I had a better relationship." What are you waiting for?

"I wish I had better health." What are you waiting for?

Why don't you create the plan to make these things happen! You can, you know.

So what are you waiting for?

By Shawn Anderson

Life is Too Short to Not Ask the Questions

December 23, 2010...

What "Seeds" Are You Planting?

December 22, 2010...

While touring the country on the first Extra Mile America Tour, I was lucky to pedal through an awesome town...Ft. Wayne, Indiana. While in Ft. Wayne, I learned that Johnny Appleseed was buried there.

This historic "seed planter" is remembered for planting apple seeds, of course.

What are you going to be remembered for "planting"?

By Shawn Anderson

Expect A Miracle!

December 21, 2010...

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