Needing People

November 30, 2010...

Extra Mile People

November 29, 2010...

People who "go the extra mile" are golden. And if you have one as a friend, count yourself as very lucky.

"Extra mile people" are there to support you in tough times. They are the ones who applaud your success in great times. They don't ever speak in judgment. They don't ever walk in jealousy. They are true, and they sincerely care and believe in you.

If you have one of those people in your world, take a moment and say "thank you."

- Shawn Anderson

Grooves...and Ruts

November 28, 2010...

Often, we fall into regimented grooves. They are the routines that seem to make our lives easier.

But grooves can also turn into ruts...and that's bad.

Sometime, "responsibility" and "routine" can become the norm, and the flow of "life"
begins to just carry us along. We stop becoming a generator of what happens to us...and simply become bystanders to everything that is

Life is all about "cause" and "effect."

Cracks in the Foundation...

November 27, 2010...

Cracks can begin to show in two areas:

1. Our time management. ("Where did the time go? I didn't get anything done!")

2. Our attitudes. ("Today was just one of those days, and I was frustrated all day!")

"I Quit!"

November 26, 2010...

The "Q" word.

Run from it. Avoid it at all costs. Never let the words  "I quit" leave your lips.

Because when we you say them...and quit...others lose faith in us. And soon after, we begin to lose faith in ourselves.

- Shawn Anderson

Have you been hearing a whole lot of... "NO!"?

November 25, 2010...

"I should have gone for it!"

November 24, 2010...

Choosing to Change...

November 23, 2010...

Two Areas to Practice to Perfection...

November 22, 2010...

Is it Your Lucky Day?

November 21, 2010...

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