The potential to be EXTRAORDINARY!

June 10, 2010...

"Deliver-the-Goods" People

June 9, 2010...

Some people in life really "deliver the goods."

"Walking Unconsciousness"

June 8, 2010...

Achieving excellence in life requires awareness.

Little Victories

June 7, 2010...

A Few "Accountability" Tips...

June 6, 2010...


One word NEVER to avoid

June 5, 2010...

The SUM of the "SOMES"

June 4, 2010...

We each are unbelievably unique. It's not cliche. No way.

Some of us are leaders. Some of us are encouragers, doers, and great at supporting others. Some of us love detail, while others love big picture thinking. Some are great in groups...and some are fantastic one-on-one. Some are great with numbers...and others with ideas. Some love helping and teaching...while others love building and creating. We have a whole bunch of "SOMES"...and we need them all.

Adding "emotion to your motion"

June 3, 2010...


"Yep...I did that, too...check."

Working items off a "To Do" list always has its benefits. In this, there is no doubt. But sometimes, it's HOW WE DO the things that we check off the list that can really produce results.

Of course, there is nothing like taking action on our daily plan. Running through the tasks on the list gives us a feeling of accomplishment. And this is good.

There is no silver bullet

June 2, 2010...

Some people seem to be on a perpetual quest to find that once-in-a-lifetime get-rich-quick scheme.

"If I can only find that one opportunity...everything will just come easy!"

My experience is that achieving legitimate financial success comes wrapped in hard work. There is no easy way. There is no magical money-making elixir. There is no silver bullet.

Just hard work.

And time.

How lucky can we get?

June 1, 2010...

"Statistically, the probability of any of us being here is so small that you'd think the mere fact of existing would keep us all in a contented dazzlement of surprise."
   - Lewis Thomas, Biologist

It's a miracle!

Your life. My Life.

It's all a miracle! And we are so lucky!

If on one of those days you ever start feeling unlucky, dare to be dazzled by the miracle of life...YOUR life.

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