The Ultimate Gift Bag

June 16, 2010...

One GREAT Thing about Getting Older? Wisdom!

June 15, 2010...

Throw Yourself A "Forgiveness Line"

June 14, 2010...

Living with excellence everyday is hard work. I'm not going to say it's impossible, and that you should give up on trying, but I am going to say throw yourself a "forgiveness line" when you have a mediocre day.

Or to be more blunt...forgive yourself when you screw up.

Why choose to feel so bad about yourself that you let one bad day potentially rub off onto a second day, and possibly turn that one, too, into a crummy day?

That happens.

That Little Voice

June 13, 2010...

Do you know the "small voice?"

You know, the one in your brain that tries to convince you that it's
okay to put it on cruise control for the rest of the day and take it

"Go deserve it!"

"You don't need to exercise today! You did it last week!" 

The small voice can wield a bit of power over my actions, too, and
although it always sounds convincing, it's not REALLY what I want in the
long run.

"What is a Battery Charger of the Human Spirit?"

June 12, 2010...


June 11, 2010...

The potential to be EXTRAORDINARY!

June 10, 2010...

"Deliver-the-Goods" People

June 9, 2010...

Some people in life really "deliver the goods."

"Walking Unconsciousness"

June 8, 2010...

Achieving excellence in life requires awareness.

Little Victories

June 7, 2010...

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