The Glory...and the Gory

May 7, 2010...

The past.

We all have one.

Some people live in the glory days of their past.

In doing so, they limit the glory days of their future.

Some people allow the failures of their past to choke their initiative and drive.

"Extra ordinary" versus "Extraordinary"

May 6, 2010...

In my mind, there are two different ways to live.

1. “Extra ordinary”

2. “Extraordinary”

Extra ordinary” versus “extraordinary.”

The “extra ordinary” life is dedicated to nothing special. There is not great purpose. No big risks. There is little positive adrenalin…and zero empowerment.

"The Best Is Yet To Come!"

May 5, 2010...

"The best is yet to come!"

I believe it. I dream it. I live it.

Believing "the best is yet to come" gives my day physical energy.

I can empower.

Believing "the best is yet to come" gives me the desire to dream bigger.

I can motivate.

Believing "the best is yet to come" gives me total optimism.

A time to step back...

May 4, 2010...

Today, I had to take a breath. A big one.

Probably like you, I have a lot of things on my plate right now. The accumulation of those things is pretty heavy at times, and I'm not immune to stress leaking through the cracks in my armor.

The armor part I am kidding about. The stress I am not.

A sponsor says "no." The call you were waiting for doesn't come. The deadline is coming at you like a locomotive with no brakes.

You know all the stress things. They are universal.

Energy Givers...Energy Stealers

May 3, 2010...

In all of our all times...we are either "giving energy" or "stealing energy."

Which do you do?

Think for a moment how you interact with others...friends, family, your boss, co-workers, the postman, the grocery clerk...strangers.

What's your tone?

What's your body language?

Are you confrontational or encouraging?

Are you positive or negative?

Rejection: A Touchy Topic

May 2, 2010...



Undoubtedly, this is not a subject high on many people's favorite discussion topics. Talking about our rejections and failures takes us to a just doesn't feel very good to go there, does it?

But the "rejection" topic is super important as we move forward in life...and frankly...we need to not only get used to it, but use it to motivate us further.

Rejection comes with living.

Rejection comes with setting goals.

The magic "26"...

May 1, 2010...

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

This short, little sentence actually contains every one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. (Go ahead...look! The "q"...the "x"...the "z"...yep! They're all there!)

The BIG and the small...

April 30, 2010...

We've all heard the expression "Dream BIG!" Somewhere along our life journey, those two words have been whispered into our spirit.

"Dream BIG!"

And why not?

Life is absolutely too short not to shoot as far and high as we can. Dreaming BIG adds makes life exciting...and it allows us to make a difference with our lives.

And if we succeed in accomplishing the "BIG"?!

Invest in YOU!

April 29, 2010...


It's on a lot of people's minds.

Should I...or shouldn't I?

Should I invest in the Stock Market? Should I invest in buying a home?

Answers to these questions, I don't even begin to know. Let those who are far more knowledgeable provide direction. However, there is one question regarding the topic of "investing" for which I do know the answer.

Invest in yourself.



All the time.

Which comes first?

April 28, 2010...

To the ancient baffler:

"The chicken or the egg...which came first?"

I wouldn't even begin to pretend to know the answer.

To a more relevant-to-my-life dilemma:

"A positive attitude or success...which comes first?"

I stand up with a much more firm voice: "A positive attitude always comes first."

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