What are you waiting for?

April 13, 2010...

"I wish I could make more money."

What are you waiting for?

"I wish I had a better relationship."

What kind of "possibility" exists in your world?

April 12, 2010...

Exploring "possibility" makes life exiting.

It stretches us. It gives us purpose. It makes life fun.

What are you "planting"?

April 11, 2010...

While touring the country on the Extra Mile America Tour, I was lucky to
pedal through Ft. Wayne, Indiana. While in a random
conversation...I learned that Johnny Appleseed was buried there.

Expect A Miracle

April 10, 2010...

I wish something great would happen! I need a miracle!"

Well, then expect it! Look for it!

Just chip away...

April 9, 2010...

Have a list of things hanging over your
head? Does the list seem to be never ending and have you carrying a
"whoaaa is me!" attitude?

Suggestion? Just chip away at them.

Seed planting...

April 8, 2010...

Want more in your life?

Plant seeds.

Everything grows from the seeds you plant. More money. A better job.
Happier relationships. Better health.

Excuses versus Results...

April 7, 2010...

"We couldn't do it because..."


April 6, 2010...

Did you have a good day?

Think about it.

First, how do you FEEL?

The Law of Attraction...and other "Ax Sharpening" Tools

April 5, 2010...

I went to a meeting recently regarding The Law of Attraction. I do my best to consistently link up with people and books that help me keep my "ax sharpened."

"If change is going to is up to me."

April 4, 2010...

Science teaches us: "A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside

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