A cool story. Twice.

August 31, 2009...

On the Extra Mile America Tour event in Des Moines today, I met a guy named Ted Cochran.

At age 28, his mother donated a kidney to Ted and gave him life...again.

If that were the end of the story, it would be a cool story.

But it's not the end.

Ted did something more.

FOUR end of the year goals

August 29, 2009...

Can you believe 2009 is 2/3 over? Wow!

With this fact in mind, here are four end-of-the-year-goals to consider in order to finish the year out strong:


1. Choose one person with whom to reconnect before the year's end.

2. Do something related to exercise 50 of the remaining days.

3. Read three books.

4. Pick one organization and become a regular volunteer.


Raining and falling...

August 26, 2009...

Some days are just tough.

Some days, it feels like it "rains" down on us all day. Some days, we even fall once or twice attempting to get through the day.

Today...well... I had a bit of both.

For real.

Riding from Lincoln to Omaha, it poured. Hard.

All day long...for hours...I rode totally drenched.

And then, I fell.

"State maps"

August 25, 2009...

I am three days away from pedaling a bike through my fifth state. I'm feeling pretty good physically.

Thank goodness.

Before I started riding on July 21, I rarely looked at a big United States map. I preferred breaking the trip down into a final route by looking at individual state maps.

I did this so as to NOT overwhelm my thinking with just how B-I-G the U.S. really is. I didn't want to give my brain ammunition to bail on the goal.

Slowing down...

August 23, 2009...

I am in Hastings, Nebraska tonight. 

The town population is around 25,000 people and it's about 100 miles west of Lincoln.

In checking into the motel, I was tired from my long bike ride, but I hung around a little longer and chatted with the owner, Vidu Patel. I won by taking the time.

"What happens next?"

August 19, 2009...

I'm one of those people that have a hard time focusing on the lyrics
of entire songs. I start out listening to the words closely, but it
seems before long, I am captivated by an idea or phrase sparked by the
singer. It happened recently.

I was listening to a song by Natasha Bedingfield called Unwritten. I can't even begin to tell you what the song is about, but I can tell you that single word sent my brain spinning.


Riding in the rain

August 15, 2009...

11,312 feet!

August 12, 2009...

100 miles!!!!

August 9, 2009...

Today, I pedaled from Green River, Utah to Grand Junction, Colorado. 

It was 100 miles.

Marker 412...

August 2, 2009...

The individual mileage markers keep ticking by: 57, 109, 237, etc.

Today, I reached 412 which equates with being in Wendover, Nevada.

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