Purpose + Passion + Preparation = FUN!

July 20, 2009...

I left Sacramento today for San Francisco and the beginning of the Extra Mile America Tour ( I have been planning this tour for so long that the last week or so, I just wanted to get on the bike and start.

When you feel prepared...and ready...your confidence level naturally increases.  Another byproduct of confidence is that whole experience becomes much more enjoyable. Afterall, chasing big goals is supposed to be fun...right?

The Little Successes...

July 19, 2009...

Sometimes, we are so busy "wanting," "wishing" and "striving" towards our BIG goals that we fail to celebrate all the great, small victories in between.

Don't let yourself get caught up in that pattern.

Cherish your small victories. Let them add to your confidence. Let them add to your knowledge that you "created" this victory."

Never be UNwilling

July 18, 2009...

Hesitancy is one thing. That is understandable, and that can be overcome.

But UNwillingness? That is a dream killer.

Never be UNwilling to take action on your dreams. Never be UNwilling to follow-through with every necessary detail. Never be UNwilling to work on what you want a little bit every day.

Putting "possibility" to the test...

July 17, 2009...

It's my last Friday at home before taking off to San Francisco to start my great extra-mile adventure...The Extra Mile America Tour (

Do I feel nervous?  Ummm...sure, a bit.

Am I fearful?  No...not at all.  I have surrounded myself with amazing people who I trust completely in coordinating all events from California while I am out on the road.

It's Your Life!

July 16, 2009...

Often, a large barrier to overcome on our goal paths are friends and family.

"Why do you want to do that?" "Well, you might make a small difference, but I don't see any long term impact potential?" "That's not a very good something else."

Goals and dreams are your most personal property.

Life is a great adventure...

July 15, 2009...

Five more days before I head to San Francisco for the beginning of my 80 day cross-country extra-mile adventure. For those who don't know, I will be pedaling a bike ocean-to-ocean and visiting 21 major cities in search of identifying extra mile stories. The trip starts July 21 and ends in Boston October 8.

Life really is a great adventure full of possibility and opportunity.

If we choose to make it so.

"Superstar" aspirations

July 14, 2009...

I met a new superstar today.

Her name is Jenn and she is a recent graduate of UCLA.

Her GPA? Something over a 3.9. (I can't remember the rest of the numbers because my brain froze after hearing the first two.)

Is it her GPA that makes her a superstar? Is it because she graduated from a certain college? Is it because she loves her job and is a member of a great organization?

"No" to all questions.

Slowing down the bad days...

July 13, 2009...

Ever have a day where everything just starts out bad?

You don't have to let that happen, you know. You can stop that momentum from ever getting started, and here's the secret.

From the moment you wake up in the morning, start directing the positive dialogue in your head. No "What do I have to do today...?" today type questions. Instead, start by putting a positive spin on what the day's destiny holds.

A tenacious spirit...

July 12, 2009...

"Failure". "Rejection". "Defeat". "Disappointment". 

Call it whatever you want...but it's a crummy feeling.

For me? It sits in the core of my mental and emotional being for as long as the "loss" was big.

But I never let it stop me from battling again. I never let fear stop me from going another round.

Thank an extra-mile friend...

July 11, 2009...

Extra-mile friends are golden.

They are the people who are there to support you in tough times. They are the people who applaud your success in great times.

They don't ever speak in judgment. They don't ever walk in jealousy. They are true, and they sincerely care and believe in you.

If you have one of those people in your world, take a moment and say "thank you."

Because you are so darn lucky to have them.

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