"Hit the brakes...and punch the gas!"

April 13, 2009...

Attitude momentum.

It's always our choice.

We can either hit the brakes or punch the gas. We are good at both; it's just that we never really master when to do either. 

How lucky can we get?

April 12, 2009...

"Statistically, the probability of any of us being here is so small that you'd think the mere fact of existing would keep us all in a contented dazzlement of surprise."

"Thank you, little Bobby!"

April 11, 2009...

I went to an Easter egg hunt today.

There is no silver bullet

April 10, 2009...

Some people seem to be on a perpetual quest to find that once-in-a-lifetime get-rich-quick scheme.

"If I can only find that one opportunity...everything will just come easy!"

Adding "emotion to your motion"

April 9, 2009...


"Yep...I did that, too...check."

Working items off a "To Do" list always has its benefits. In this, there is no doubt. But sometimes, it's HOW WE DO the things that we check off the list that can really produce results.

One word not to avoid

April 8, 2009...

It's easy to slip.

At one moment, we can be pushing optimistically towards a goal like "the little engine that could" when all of a sudden we come to a screeching halt.

I hate that part.

The hill gets steeper and we get tired. We get news that disagrees with our goal intentions. We lose our edge and our drive. And then we quit.

And that's bad...really, really bad.

But there is one way to help assure that you won't quit. And this is good...really, really good.

Ready for it?  

The SUM of the "SOMES"

April 7, 2009...

We each are unbelievably unique. It's not cliche. No way.

Some of us are leaders. Some of us are encouragers, doers, and great at supporting others. Some of us love detail, while others love big picture thinking. Some are great in groups...and some are fantastic one-on-one. Some are great with numbers...and others with ideas. Some love helping and teaching...while others love building and creating. We have a whole bunch of "SOMES"...and we need them all.

Little Victories

April 6, 2009...

Sometimes, we get so caught up chasing our BIG goals that we fail to celebrate the awesome little victories that we may experience along the way. 

Let's remember NOT to do that.

When we take the time to cheer and clap for our small successes, we give ourselves the "juice" to keep pushing forward for the BIG ones. When we ignore the small triumphs, everything becomes just one gigantic "effort."  

And that's no fun at all.

50 Miles

April 5, 2009...

Yesterday, I pedaled 50 miles. Today, I am jazzed.

My bike ride on Saturday was a good push. I had nailed a couple of twenty mile rides on the three previous days and felt that it was time to take things up another notch...psychologically. Looking to pedal 65 miles a day for over sixty days in a row this summer, I wanted to start creating a mindset where I knew that I could handle that many miles. Physically, I am less concerned. Psychologically...well...that's the greater test.

The Fear of Uncertainty

April 4, 2009...

Fear. It drives so much of what we do.

We are afraid to search for new jobs in order to find something potentially more appealing and rewarding. We fear the consequences of starting a business. We are terrified to take the next step in the relationship. 

Unfortunately, fear often runs our life.

There is a general law of "Success Science" that basically tells us that we can't carry in our minds both a dominating fear that prevents us from taking action AND a passionate desire to do great things with our lives.

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