A Transformational Recipe

March 29, 2009...

To be "inspired." To be "motivated." To be "transformed."

Inspiration. Motivation. Transformation.

I believe when true change reaches an individual, these three words work together in perfect sequence. One doesn't guarantee the other...but the goal is that one will follow the other.

The Easy Road

March 28, 2009...

"I'll do it tomorrow." I've said it in my life a lot.

"I'm can wait." Yeah...I've liked that one a few times, too.

"Oh...what's one more day?" That's a good one, too, isn't it?


They makes us feel better for a moment, but get to used to using them and they can wage war on your goals and success.


March 27, 2009...

When I was growing up, one of my jobs was to build the evening fire. I learned to space two larger pieces of wood on each side of the fireplace grate, and in between these two pieces of wood, I would loosely crumple up old newspaper. On top of the paper, I would add smaller pieces of splintered kindling. I would then light the paper with a match.

"What is a Battery Charger of the Human Spirit?"

March 26, 2009...

Someone wrote and asked me today, "What is a Battery Charger of the Human Spirit? I've never heard that before."

So in my best "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" type response, here was my answer:

Dear friend, 

That Little Voice...

March 25, 2009...

Physically, my body feels pretty wiped out. I've started a two-exercise-a-day-training regimen in order to prepare for a big endurance challenge I will be beginning in a few months. Soon, I will be pedaling a bike 60+ miles a day...every day...for about 60-70 days. And for age 46...that's a pretty lofty goal. 

Playing Santa

March 24, 2009...

"Positive encouragement" is the most beautiful gift you could ever give another person. It can come in the spoken form...or the written form. It doesn't matter. Both forms have such an enormous ability to raise another's spirit to the highest levels.

And to me, that's a pretty darn special gift. 

"One Shining Moment"

March 23, 2009...

For college basketball lovers, now is your time. This is it...the big NCAA college basketball championship tournament referred to as "March Madness." No doubt, it's fun and exciting, and hard not to get excited about. Every game is do or die. With a loss every team goes home...season over.

"Exhausting" Versus "Exhilarating"

March 22, 2009...

Wow! Today was an outrageously windy day in Marina del Rey, California! But trust me, I am not going to be complaining about the weather because I recognize that weather wise, southern California residents are some of the luckiest people in the world.

But that fact aside...whoa was it windy!

During my afternoon run on the beach, I really felt it. My pace was definitely slower than normal, but most certainly my effort was much more intense. Which brings me to my point in my writing today.

Throw Yourself A "Forgiveness Line"

March 21, 2009...

Living with excellence everyday is hard work. I'm not going to say it's impossible, and that you should give up on trying, but I am going to say throw yourself a "forgiveness line" when you have a mediocre day. Or to be more blunt...forgive yourself when you screw up. Why choose to feel so bad about yourself that you let one bad day potentially rub off onto a second day, and possibly turn that one, too, into a crummy day?

That happens. A lot.

Running Solo

March 20, 2009...

I've kept it pretty low key so far, but this summer I am taking on a pretty cool project. I've hinted about it here and there, and although the project itself is already taking hours a day in the planning, I've waited to really go all-out in publicizing it.

The project is "The Extra Mile America Tour" (

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