Dreams Don't Work...Unless I Do

June 16, 2013…

I've learned that my dreams and goals don't work…unless I do.

When You Need a Helping Hand

June 15, 2013…

When you are desperately calling out for a helping hand during tough times, never forget that you have one at the end of your own arm.

The Next Years? The Best Years!

June 14, 2013…

Feel like the last few months and years have not been the greatest? How about vowing to make the rest of your months and years…to be your best months and years?

Worrying About the Future Saps Strength Today

June 13, 2013…

I have found that worrying about the future doesn't make a problem go away. But worrying about the future does sap my strength today.

A Lesson from the Caterpillar

June 12, 2013…

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

Never stop believing something good can always sprout from something not-so-good.

Your One-and-Only Life...

June 11, 2013…

BIG moment of truth question:

What are you doing with your one-and-only life?

Hope and Wisdom

June 10, 2013…

What's hope? It's knowing that sunshine will show itself again…even when total pitch black darkness surrounds you.

What's wisdom? It's knowing that in EVERY dark moment of my life, the sun eventually came back.

Shawn Anderson (Best-selling Author, Motivational Keynote Speaker and Success Coach)

"When you set yourself on fire, people love to watch."

June 9, 2013…

I remember reading a story once about someone who asked a preacher who so many hundreds of people would gather whenever he spoke. He answered, "When you set yourself on fire, people love to watch."

Are you living with difference-making passion?

Shawn Anderson (Best-selling Author, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Success Coach)

Two VERY Cool Goals

June 8, 2013…

Two very cool goals to shoot for every day:

1. "Go the extra mile" for another person.
2. "Go the extra mile" for yourself.

- Shawn Anderson (Best selling author, motivational keynote speaker and success coach)

Charge Up Others!

June 7, 2013…

"There is no job title more noble than being a 'Battery Charger of the Human Spirit.' Be THE person that charges up others when they are down…and inspires them to reach their greatest potential." - Shawn Anderson (Best selling author, motivational keynote speaker and success coach)

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