Our Thoughts and Feelings Are a Real Life Magnet

February 26, 2013…

What kind of thoughts are you thinking? What kind of emotions are you feeling? I am a big believer that we absolutely become what we think and feel.

Do you feel successful…or unsuccessful? Do you feel alive with a desire to take risk…or fearful of taking any kind of chance? Do you feel like you attract money…or do you feel unlucky with money?

Which Will You Choose?

February 25, 2013…

Today is NOT just another day. It's unique in it's history…and it could be unique in it's opportunity.

Life Is Too Short To Stay Stuck

February 24, 2013…

Staying in a job you hate or a relationship that is unedifying because you are afraid to start again is understandable. We all feel the fear of starting over in various degrees. Nonetheless, choosing to stay in a lousy situation is a lousy idea.

Transitions Are Inevitable

February 23, 2013…

One thing you can surely count on in life is the need to adopt to transitions. Jobs, relationships, family, moves, health, is full of then, and there is very little that can be done to stop them from happening. Sure, you can stay in the same home forever...and never leave your job or marriage, but still, not all transitions are avoidable.

No matter how hard you try.

The Human Spirit Has a Never-Ending "Reserve Tank"

February 22, 2013…

Sure, it's hard to get up again after life kicks your tail to the floor. There's no doubt about it. I've been knocked down 100x, and I know what it feels like to have no "juice" left in my "desire tank."

Looking for a Dramatic Change in Life...Overnight?

February 21, 2013…

Looking for a dramatic change in life and expecting it immediately?

That may be possible…but just not realistic.

It's impossible to go from "ice cold" to "red hot" overnight. I wouldn't suggest that you expect it. What you can expect, however, is that you can grow to "red hot" if you hold yourself accountable to taking at least one baby step forward each day.

The Imperfection of a Moment Doesn't Have to Be Fatal

February 20, 2013…

Had a bad day or a moment lately? Does it have you down and feeling rejected? Don't let it build any more momentum than necessary. Stumbles in life are too be expected. Nothing we can do about them. But only we can choose whether or not we will let the stumble turn into a fall that keeps us down for a long time.

Here's How to Change Your Life Forever

February 19, 2013...

Here's one big life-changing secret that I promise you will change your life forever:

Let go of the fear of failing.

Take the Road That Leads to Your Best Life

February 18, 2013...

Unhappy with your life direction?

1. Don't focus on the road you didn't take YESTERDAY.
2. "Go the extra mile" on the road you can take TODAY.

Yesterday is gone. Sure, we can learn from what didn't go right, but today is what you have. Don't let yesterday limit your dreams or your confidence.

You Know What is Scarier Than Failing?

February 17, 2013...

Photo: "You know what is scarier to me than failing? Not taking a risk and living my life being much smaller in potential than I could have been."   - Shawn Anderson, Founder, Extra Mile America

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