Is There a Better Time Than NOW?

January 12, 2013...

"Starting tomorrow, I'll look for a new job." "Next month, I'll start saving money" "Next year, I'll apply to school."

Does tomorrow, next week or next year really cut it? Do you really think that "tomorrow" life will be any easier and all the challenges that currently block you from moving forward will be gone?

Watch Out For Auto-Pilot

January 11, 2013...

Every day, there are choices to make.. Some are big…and some are not-so-big. They begin the moment we get up in the morning. What to wear? What to have for breakfast? What toothpaste to use? What to have for lunch? What to think about? How to spend time? What to take action on?

Which Person Are You?

January 10, 2013...

Person A: Sends five resumes a week hoping for a job. He gets zero calls. He says, "It's too discouraging to keep applying. I need to wait 'till the economy changes before jobs will open up."

How to Build Confidence

January 9, 2013…

Is there something you are really good at doing? Is it dancing, writing, singing, cooking, selling, shooting free throws, working crossword puzzles, cheering on friends, or being a parent? What is it?

Empowered Living is About Creating Successful Routines

January 8, 2013…

Normally, I am not a fan of following "routine." I get bored easily and regularly seek to change things up to prevent boredom. However, there comes a time when even I can appreciate its value.

Routine helps avoid internal and external chaos. It can set life in order. It can slow negative momentum. It can raise personal awareness.

Your Action Can Get the Momentum Rolling

January 7, 2013…

I received a call recently from someone who had lost her job. She was in shock…and felt paralyzed as to what to do next.

Unfortunately, her story is not an isolated case. There are thousands...tens of thousands...hundreds of thousands...millions...of people who either now, in the past or in the future, have lost or will lose a job.

Use Your Power to Create a Great Day!

January 6, 2013…

"Create a great day!"

Every day, we have the power to create whatever sort of day we choose. Hey…no one else can live our lives except us…so no one else can make our day good or bad except us. That is pretty awesome power.

How are you doing using your power?

Write Down Inspiring Thoughts...for Later

January 5, 2013…

Here's a tip that can help you get a rough patch:

Write down thoughts that strike you as super positive or inspiring when you hear them. I do...and they really help. I am now lucky to have  tens of quick accountability tools to help me get back on track when a day gets a little shaky. They're kinda' like having a flashlight on a moonless night.

"Stinking Thinking"...

January 4, 2013...

One of my all-time favorite motivational speakers dies in 2012…Zig Ziglar. And although Zig might no longer be here, his motivational footprints are no doubt permanently tattooed in the minds of hundreds of thousands of people.

Two of my favorite "Zig-isms are:

"Get rid of stinkin' thinkin'" and "Give yourself a check-up...from the neck-up."

Is "Gravity" Holding You Back?

January 3, 2013…

As you look to create the most exciting life you can, ask yourself if you are letting "gravity" hold back some of your future adventures. And if

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