Striving For A Different "Fear Level" Meter

December 14, 2012…

BIG dreamers seem to have a different fear level meter built into their nervous system than the rest of us. Little scares them when it comes to setting their goals. Dreams that would cause most of us to be filled with the red-alert sort of adrenalin motivates them.

What would you do with your life if you could join that crowd?

They have names like Edison, Jobs, Gates, Winfrey, Disney

December 13, 2012…

Some people really dream big in life. These are the folks for whom just dreaming of a new career or planning a cruise doesn't cut it. They want far more. They want to go after even BIGGER goals.

They have names like Edison, Jobs, Gates, Winfrey, Disney.

You get the idea.

Know Someone Feeling Defeated in Life?

December 12, 2012…

Do you know someone who is going throw tough times…or is even feeling defeated by life in general?

Why not cast them a "hope line," and let them know you care. While you're at it, why don't you think of how you can inspire them to get off the ground and get living again.

Find Ways to Feed Your Motivation

December 11, 2012…

Day-to-day accountability measures keep us going. They help anchor our faithfulness to a goal. They include items that inspire; items that keep us motivated. Why do we need this kind of discipline? Because personal self-mastery and transformation are important to us.

If we are faithful to following a pattern of accountability, success attitudes grow…passion builds…purpose becomes bigger. Our worlds fill with empowered hope.

Without Action," "Inspiration" is Short Lived

December 10, 2012…

Every once in awhile, we see something amazing. We meet a special moment and "inspiration" greets us.

It may be a person, an event, a movie or book…no matter what it is that lights the spark, that singular moment pushes us to create change in ourselves. We are inspired to do more with our lives. In that instant, we believe "I can!"

Inspiration, Motivation, Transformation: Three Words to Change Your Life

December 9, 2012…

Three words to change your life:

1. Inspiration
2. Motivation
3. Transformation.

Life Is Short

December 8, 2012…

"Unfortunately, most people are too afraid to release their genie on the world.  The result is that (they) never even realize a fraction of their true potential." - Excerpt from Amicus 101: A Story About the Pursuit of Purpose and Overcoming Life's Chaos

What about you? Are you leaving YOUR "genie" trapped in the bottle? Have you held back from releasing your potential onto the world?

Choose Growth Over Fear

December 7, 2012...

The next time you are feeling FEAR, reassign its meaning. Instead of letting it "rock your world," look at it as moving out of your comfort zone. You're growing. You're opening yourself up to positive "possibility."

Realize these things...and then cast FEAR aside.

Choose GROWTH over FEAR.

Don't Let FEAR Determine Your Destiny

December 6, 2012…

FEAR causes us to quit. Sometimes, it causes us to stay. FEAR causes us to run. Sometimes, it causes us never to begin. FEAR causes us to pretend it doesn't matter. At other times, it causes us to pretend it does matter.

But what FEAR is most responsible for is causing us to live a life that is a little less sweet, far less exciting, and much more mundane.

Confront Your Fear. Tell Yourself, "I'll be Fine."

December 5, 2012…

I'm sure you've experienced it.
That sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that has the ability to paralyze your actions. That small, doubting voice in your head that tells you, "Don't do it! It's too risky!" It's that singular moment when you put everything on hold.

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