Start Chaning Now!

November 24, 2012…

Life-changing momentum starts when you start. YOU are in command of the remote control of your own life. So if things are going poorly in your life, don't wait for the new year! Start changing now! Pick up your life remote...visualize the channels you want to see in your life...and get living the life you truly want to live!

You Don't Need January 1 to Make Changes

November 23, 2012…

January 1st is coming! That date in the year when resolutions are made and dreams are imagined. "Oh…I hope life gets better!"

Goal Accomplishment Moving Slowly?

November 22, 2012…

If your goal accomplishment is moving slowly, take a big breath and cut yourself some slack. Self-discipline…and self-mastery...grows with time. You won't have a million dollar bank account in a month; you won't look like a super model in thirty days; and certainly you can't become an expert in a new field just after a few weeks.
More than likely, your goals are l-o-n-g term goals. Well then, keep hanging with them...LONG TERM!

YOU Control the Direction of Your Momentum

November 21, 2012…

For most, January 1, 2012, goal resolutions disappeared from the "MUST DO!" column months ago. They have been reassigned to the "I WISH!" ledger. It's easy to do. Life is hard and the challenges that hit us everyday make following through with goals tough to do. It's not easy to get a head of steam going in the direction you want…and be consistent.
But it can be done.

How About Starting Today?

November 20, 2012…

2012 is coming to an end! How did your year go? Was it what you had wished for…and planned?

If not, why not get a step ahead of 2013? What about starting your 2013 goals and resolutions NOW…and give yourself some extra time to make them happen?

We don't need January 1 to re-start our lives. We can do it today.

Does "Tomorrow" Really Cut It?

November 19, 2012…

Does the answer "Tomorrow" really cut it? Do you really think life will be easier to accomplish all the challenges that currently cement your feet to the ground will be gone…tomorrow? 

What's the Key to Financial Security?

November 18, 2012…

What's the key to financial security? Now that's a BIG, life-changing question. Truthfully, finding that answer personally has really empowered me to live a life that I love.

What is your answer to the question?

AND more importantly, are you applying and living those answers?

What's the Key to Success?

November 17, 2012…

If I asked you "What's the key to success?"…how would you answer?

Live the Message

November 16, 2012…

For those familiar with me, my writing and my life…they know of my passion for the "go the extra mile" theme. Please know, too, it's just not something I write about…or speak about. It is something that I live.

Believe in Yourself!

November 15, 2012…

More money? A more fulfilling career? Better employees? A new car? Better health? A new relationship? More clients? The ability to make dinner reservations, order flowers and check the traffic report simultaneously from your new iPhone?

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