Life Is What You Choose

October 14, 2012…

Life is as exciting, empowering, and difference making as we make it. What are you doing that makes you go “Wow!”? What are you doing that encourages others? What are you doing that makes a difference in life?

If you don’t like your answers…change your direction and do more.  Life is what you make it.

Why Dream Small?

October 13, 2012…

Our success and happiness is only limited by the size and scope of our dreams. So let me ask you this question: “If you truly want to live a life you love, why would small dreams ever be a part of your thought process?”

1. Believe in YOU.

2. Choose great dreams.

Stepping Out Can Be Scary

October 12, 2012…

The More You Add, the More That Will Be Added

October 11, 2012…

One of the great Laws of Success is masked in a simple "cause and effect" principle: If we want value added to our lives, we first need to add value elsewhere. More money, a better job…those things just don’t happen randomly. They require effort on our part first. They require us going the extra mile.

Tip #5 of 5: How to Guarantee "Limited" Success

October 10, 2012…

TIP #5: Just give up.
You know what? You might just be too old or too broke or too EVERYTHING to start over at this time in your life, so why even try? Don't even think about it. Just quit. Rest on your laurels. And how about pointing a finger or two at all your unlucky life breaks? Oh yeah. And watch more television.

Tip #4 of 5: How to Guarantee "Limited" Success

October 9, 2012…
TIP #4: Act like a total victim.

Tip #3 of 5: How to Guarantee "Limited" Success

October 8, 2012…

TIP #3: Watch a lot of TV.

Tip #2 of 5: How to Guarantee "Limited" Success

October 7, 2012…

TIP #2: Be afraid of taking risks.
Do you really choose to have more of the same level of success that you currently have been experiencing? Then don't move. Don’t jump. Don't risk anything. Stay exactly where you are in everything you are doing. Keep walking the exact same status quo road, and I can assure you, you will feel total safety in not have to live through anything positively exciting.

Tip #1 of 5: How to Guarantee "Limited" Success

October 5, 2012…
TIP #1: Set less than spectacular goals.
Set your sights completely low. Hey, who needs goals? Certainly you don't...right?

Life Have You Down?

October 5, 2012…

Is there something that happened that has you feeling on edge…and even angry with yourself? Has the situation been dominating your thinking to the point of mental and emotional exhaustion? Let it go.

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