Much Can Be Learned From Your Greatest Success

October 4, 2012…

Do you remember your best day…ever? How about both your greatest success, your greatest contribution to your community or the most amazing relationship you ever had…can you remember each of them? I would venture to guess that one of the reasons each of those answers was so outstanding in your mind was because you went the extra mile.

And your effort paid off.

Are You Shaping Your Destiny…or is Someone Else?

October 3, 2012…

Excerpt from A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over
"Rise above setbacks, overcome obstacles, and live the life you desire! Shape your own destiny!" 
Has the word “no!” shaped your destiny in a less than desirable way? Have you let setbacks derail you from living the life you really want?

Cause and Effect: What Wood Are You Throwing on the Fire?

October 2, 2012...

An excerpt from A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over:
"The rewards that you receive in life, whether they're tangible (a nice big paycheck) or intangible (a feeling of pride), are directly related to the effort or service that you provide to other people.  Cause and effect in its most simple form is this: throw in wood...get back heat."  

The Law of Attraction Revisited

October 1, 2012…

"Fragments of a Great Secret have been found...for the first time, all the pieces of The Secret come together in an incredible revelation that will be life-transforming to all who experience it."    - Excerpt from the book, The Secret

Fortitude Wins Every Time

September 30, 2012…

Push past the temptations and distractions that cause you to lose sight of your goal. Go the extra mile and keep pushing forward!"  - Amicus

Goal Guarantees

September 29, 2012…

"When the journey towards achieving your goal becomes tough, break away from the human tendency to quit.”  - A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over
Guarantee #1: Most worthwhile and important goals are not easy to achieve.
Guarantee #2: There will come times where you will seriously doubt yourself…and even your goal.

When We “Go the Extra Mile”…the Best Comes Out of Us

September 28, 2012…

I write and talk a lot about “going the extra mile.” But what does that mean?

It means putting in a greater effort than we normally do. It means extending ourselves in order to achieve a higher result.
When we “go the extra mile,” great things can potentially happen.

You Can’t

September 27, 2012…

"Do you have people telling you that something that you want to do 'can't be done'? More importantly, are you believing them?"  - A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over
You can’t quit your job. You can’t go back to school. You can’t start a new career. You can’t travel. You can’t ask her out. You can’t…you can’t…you can’t.

It’s Up To You…

September 26, 2012…

The Power of Knowing Your “Stuff”

September 25, 2012...

"Discover the incredible power of knowing your stuff. And then, you'll discover what it means to get that special glimmer in your eye that others read as pure confidence." 
 -  Excerpt from Amicus 101: A Story About the Pursuit of Purpose and Overcoming Life's Chaos

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