Turn BIG Goals Into Reality By Taking Massive Action

September 4, 2012..

Each day of the next year is a precious gift. Each of the next 365 days is a chance to start building, creating and chipping away at something that is meaningful and lasting. As I have discovered, the key to turning big goals into a reality is to dream big and then take it one month at a week at a day at a hour at a time…applying massive action and effort. 

Life is Too Short

September 3, 2012…

The older I get, the faster life seems to go by. It’s inevitable that time eventually runs out. Life is just too darn short. Once we really “get” this inevitable Law of Life, there should never be a reason for any of us to cut our dreams short by getting off our own personal life-sculpting scaffold. There should never be a reason for any of us to stop chipping, carving, sculpting, designing, building, and sharing the very best life we possible can.

What Can You Create Over the Next Fourteen Years of Your Life?

September 2, 2012…

Gutzon Borglum and his team's remarkable Mt. Rushmore-feat took fourteen focused, determined, grind-it-out years. That's roughly 5,110 days.
If you took the next 5,110 days of your life, what could you chisel, sculpt and create if you started today?

Shawn Anderson

Best-selling Author

Vision. Determination. Time.

September 1, 2012…

Gutzon Borglum, Mt. Rushmore’s sculptor, is certainly one of history’s Four-Star Generals in "Possibility Thinking." He was never daunted by the complexity or impracticality of his task. Commanded with an assignment ridiculously impossible, Gutzon simply applied an awesome amount of vision and determination to make a mountain give life to four Presidential faces.

If You Dream It, You Can Sculpt it

August 31. 2012...

Construction of the Mt. Rushmore National Monument began 85 years ago in 1927. Workers hanging in swinging seats using jackhammers and thousands of pounds of dynamite blasted out American monumental history.

What’s REALLY Impossible?

August 30, 2012…

It's unbelievable when you stand in front of it in person.
Four colossal sixty-foot tall faces. Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln…four historical giants of U.S. history staring at you from the side of a granite mountain. Each face blasted out and sculpted with jackhammers. The width of a single eye runs eleven feet long. The size of a nose? Picture four six-foot men standing on each other's shoulders.

“Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?”

August 29, 2012…

"Wet blankets" are pessimists whose words and actions eliminate any forward momentum of discovery and fun. Wet Blanket Lessons are the poignant lessons that can be ascertained from those who emphatically believe, "It can't be done!"

“Happiness Is An Inside Job” – Famous Amos

August 28, 2012…

It’s easy to think that it’s the experiences and people in our lives that determine how happy…or unhappy…are lives are.  Pretty risky bet…don’t you think?
"Perhaps that's where your trouble lays, Jay.  You're looking in this everything around you...for answers when you should be looking inside yourself." 

More Doing. Less Waiting.

August 27, 2012…

Shaping your life and a better tomorrow…creating options and experiences of your choosing…is 100% about the choices and actions you take today. Want a better tomorrow? Live a better today. Becoming a “doer”...and not a “waiter” the only guaranteed way we have to push tomorrow’s agenda in a positive direction.
Are there any glaring areas in your life where you can start being a “doer?

Want a Better Tomorrow?

August 26, 2012…

Want a better tomorrow? Don't rely on others' solutions or answers to fix your problems. Become your own activist, and change your future by changing what you do today. That's all tomorrow is really. It’s the result of all of our actions from today and previous days.

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