Don’t Lose the Thrill

August 16, 2012…

When we set big goals, at first, we're thrilled by the thought of how great life will be when our goal is accomplished. But as soon we begin to experience the hard work, countless hours, and major inconveniences that need to be overcome, trouble begins. We shift focus more on the pain associated with working towards the goal rather than with the pleasure that will be felt once it's achieved.

Falling Back On Our Old Nature…

August 15, 2012…

Are You Self-Sabotaging Yourself?

August 14, 2012..

Throughout history, parables have always found their place in the arsenal of writers. In my own reading and learning, I love them because they have immense potential to reinforce powerful principles in ways that are colorful and easy to remember.
Here is one that reminds us to avoid self-sabotage and "stinging" ourselves:

What’s One Thing You Can Do?

August 13, 2012...
What’s one extra mile activity you can do this week…
1. To help your organization’s bottom-line results?
2. To make your community better?
3. To make yourself happier?
Create a great week…and do one of them.

Shawn Anderson

What Thrills You?

August 12, 2012...

"Tell me, what are you doing that drives you...that thrills you...that gives you a deep sense of knowing that you're making a great contribution to your world?  What great masterpiece are you chiseling out of your life?"  
- Excerpt from A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over

Shawn Anderson


August 11, 2012…

Are you able to always find a reason not to get started on one of your goals? C’mon…be honest. Do excuses keep popping up that block you from moving forward? If you were coaching another person…with the same challenge…what would you tell him?
Now how about telling yourself the same answer.

Shawn Anderson

Are You Giving Life Your Best?

August 10, 2012…

This specific question brings me back to a state of self-awareness. “Am I giving life my best?” “Am I giving this person my best?” “Am I giving this moment my best?” Asking questions like these often help me to move past tiredness. Questions like these help me ignore the side-tracking excuses my brain occasionally throws at me. Questions like these keep me away from choosing the “easy road.” 

Do You Truly Want the Best for Yourself?

August 9, 2012…

"Don't you…truly…want the best for yourself?"  Interestingly, when I ask myself that question, of course I answer, “Yes!” I get one short, little sprint through life…so why would I want anything less?
But with that “Yes!” answer also comes a great responsibility to give life my best effort. So the question that follows is: “Are you giving life your best?”

Reason #3 Not to Take the Easy Road

August 8, 2012…

#3. When we give ourselves permission to take the easy road, we begin to lose faith in ourselves that we are able to take the tough road…and then mental chaos sets in.

Reason #2 Not To Take the Easy Road

August 7, 2012...

#2. Take the easy road too many times, and we begin to get comfortable setting a low goal standard for ourselves in life. We stay in first grade forever… never graduating to the successful life we dream.
And I don’t think any of us want that.
Shawn Anderson

Best-selling Author

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