Focus...and Unload


An excessively heavy and over-loaded "wheelbarrow" is prone to tip over.

Fear is a Thief

It steals our wings. 

It hijacks our dreams. 

It kidnaps our confidence.

One WWW Site Not Worth Visiting

Whine. Worry. Weep.
They are always options.

If you dread Mondays and don't find passion in your could just "WWW" about it.

How to Master Your Thoughts?

How do you talk to YOU?

The answer explains much about what we experience in our days. Even more than that...I believe our answers serve as a very real crystal ball in forecasting futures.

How we talk to ourselves cracks open the doors of possibility. 

It's OUR Time

It's OUR time...not to stay seated...but to get up and create and build and dance and travel and participate.


Think Positive!

The quality of our day is determined by what we think... which determines how we feel...which determines what type of actions we take in living the day.


Behind the Steering Wheel

We can't control everything that happens to us in life. Life happens, and there will be surprises. But we can control how we deal with events that touch our world. And often, it is how we deal with those events and circumstances that give us the sort of control that gets us out of the back seat of our own life car and once again behind the steering wheel.


Create a GREAT Day!

Look at the start of a new day with optimism and positive anticipation. Know that no matter what happened yesterday, today will be much better. Handle setbacks as challenges that can be overcome. Point up and never down.


Do Your Best!

The clock moves. The calendar turns. The body ages. We can't stop the inevitable. But for every breath we are fortunate to receive, we can do our best to make sure it's a good one.


Health is Wealth

Health is king. Without it...success, wealth, love, fame, creativity, travel, service, friends...none can be enjoyed as fully.


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