A Million Ounces of Hope

For me...every day is "2nd Chance Day."

Believing this sparks a lightening rod of hope into my world...and who doesn't love the energizing power of hope?

Hiking, Biking...and Emergency Phone Operators hits us super hard.

As I write this, 24-hours prior I was on an early morning hike on a quiet trail. The sun had been up for a short time, and roughly 30 minutes into the hike, I had yet to see another person. 

So...What Is the FIRST Mile??

"What is the FIRST mile?"

The question was emailed to me from a Town Manager in Vermont. 

"During the discussion leading up to the (Extra Mile Day) proclamation, one of the board members asked what the first mile is. Any insight would be much appreciated."

Like Seeds in an Unopened Bag

In 2009, I took action on a vision. "Extra Mile Day" was born.

Getting Through Life's Worst Days

Let's be real. Some days are devastating.

Tragic stories in the news corrupt our hope. Brutal moments and experiences in our own lives obliterate our happiness. 

"Will life ever feel good again?"

Before Heroes Become Heroes

We all have heroes.

A Secret to Making Your Life Remarkable

All day long..."remarkable" exists in your life.

Do you see it?

Earlier today, I looked up and saw an 800,000 pound piece of aluminum metal flying five miles above the ground. It was carrying more than 600 people, and it will do so for thousands of miles without coming down.

How to Live in Style

Today...there is pure tragedy touching many people.

Today might be a pretty darn good day for you and me, but there are millions of others in the world whose lives have been touched by devastation. 

 And pain. 

The Moon, the Sun...and Two Chihuahuas

At 6:15 a.m.... two Chihuahuas and I left for our morning walk. 

One of us witnessed a gigantic moon leave the sky...and a brilliant sun inch up and light the Southern California world. Both images were astonishingly dramatic and inspiring, and I whispered audibly "Wow!"


Sometimes to move forward in life...we gotta' learn to FREEZE it.

Freeze the fear.

Freeze the doubt.

Freeze the drama.

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