Live the Life You Desire

Sure, it’s easy to become a victim of life and fall prey to the negative circumstances and events that derail your dreams. But is that really any way to live? Is that what you truly want? Rise above setbacks, overcome obstacles, and live the life that you desire! 

Pass On That HOPE!

Knowing that you have the authority and capability to actually create a great day for yourself is the most potent type of life-affirming hope that you could ever possess. Pass on that hope!


Be a Mirror of Positivity

Your attitude is a mirror. If the world sees success when it looks at you, it mirrors success right back at you. If others see friendly, they will shine friendly. Reflect out what you want the world to give back and it will come. Smile and be smiled at.


How Do You Use Your 1,440 Minutes Everyday?

This is one area in which the most successful people and the least successful people stand as equals; they are each given 1,440 minutes of time every day. The clock ticks at the same speed for both. The major difference between the two groups is how they use this gift.


Never Quit

Whenever you find yourself unhappy and questioning your results, don’t even begin to think about packing it in! Instead, boldly throw even more action and effort into your world! Don’t question others as to why you aren’t succeeding, but begin to question yourself.


Role Models

True change in our families, jobs, communities, country, and ourselves begins when we stop looking for role models and choose to be one.


Be More Productive

Play life with great energy! Be more productive! Focus on the big goals you’d like to achieve, and then spend every minute possible checking off the smaller details that make the big goals happen.


Honor, Character, and Integrity

Walk with honor, character, and integrity in all that you do. Do these things and you will find that you can appreciate the adventure of life and live with greater ease. 


Never Stop Going the Extra Mile

Never stop thinking and sharing the positive. Never stop encouraging another. Never stop jumping in and serving. Never stop believing. Never stop shining. And never stop "going the extra mile."


Choose Fortitude and Perseverance

When the journey towards achieving your goal becomes tough, break away from the human tendency to sting yourself and quit. Push past the temptations and distractions that cause you to lose sight of your goal. Choose fortitude. Choose perseverance. Go the extra mile and keep pushing forward. 


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