"An Attitude of Gratitude"

May 30, 2010...

I have two kinds of goals in my life. External goals. And internal goals.

The external goals? Well, they give my life purpose. They are the goals that are tied to making my life count. They are the goals that can be seen. They are the "bricks" of my life.

The internal goals? They are the goals that help me become the best person I can be. They are the goals that my character is a witness to. They are the "mortar" that holds my "bricks" together.

Throwing in the Towel

May 29, 2010...

It's easy to want to do at times.

To throw in the towel.

To wave the white flag.

To quit.

A relationship sours. A job becomes stressful. An idea is shot down.

The easy thing to do is to abandon something that once was inspiring to your spirit.

But is that the best thing? Is that what will make you feel the best ten years down the road?

"I am just trying to survive!"

May 28, 2010...

The events and circumstances of our individual lives can take a toll.

From them, it is easy to grow weary and make much less effort to dream and push ourselves. Our biggest goal simply becomes coping. At times, most of us have fallen victim to this "I am just trying to survive!" mentality.

The real danger, however, is the risk of not coming back from our "Just survive!" moment. Instead of rebounding, we grow hard inside. Hard to our dreams. Hard to others. Hard to ourselves.

Will tomorrow be better?

May 27, 2010...

I was sent an email recently that when melted down to its core simply read: "I hate my life. Can you guarantee tomorrow will be any better?"

Hmmm...can I really guarantee tomorrow will be better?

Everyday Lessons

May 26, 2010...

I was asked where I get my ideas for my newsletter and my blogs.

The answer is easy: I get ideas from everywhere.

In conversations. From books. From the news. From a movie. From something I see while running.

Everyday, new experiences, conversations, and events enter our lives. Everyday, there is a new story or lesson waiting to be learned. Looking for those stories and lessons daily is what makes each day so extraordinary in comparison to another. Each day truly is unique.

"Later" Starts "NOW"!

May 25, 2010...

Later, when the dust clears and you can see the consequences of previous individual decisions, you'll notice a trend: It feels better to have made the hard choice.

1. Later, you wish you had had one less drink.

2. Later, you wish you would have made the decision that pushed you outside your comfort zone.

3. Later, you wish you had exercised.

4. Later, you wish you had made more of an effort.

5. Later, you wish you would have trusted your instinct and taken the risk.

The other end of the phone...

May 24, 2010...

Courtesy and kindness go a long, long way to making life better.

Conflicts in one form or another are inevitable. All of us have had a moment...or two...or three... where we have had some need to contact the infamous customer service line or talk with a representative regarding a problem we are having. The reason for the call has caused us some inconvenience and often we don't go into the conversation with the best attitude or disposition.

Sometimes even, we are flat out irritated.

And it shows.

Look around you and you'll find the answer

May 23, 2010...

If you want to know your current potential, look around you.

Look at the people in your life.

I strongly believe that we rise and fall in life according to the level of the people with whom we associate. Want to SOAR and live an empowered existence? Hang out with empowered people. Want less than that? Hang out with less than that.

Simple stuff.

Don't Postpone Yourself

May 22, 2010...

Does the answer "Tomorrow" really cut it?

Do you really think your life will be easier and all the challenges that currently cement your feet to the ground will be eliminated...tomorrow?

"I'll look for a new job...tomorrow"

"I'll start saving month."

"I'll apply to year." year? They all give "never" a fresh breath.

"Choice" Awareness

May 21, 2010...

Choices. They surround us every day.

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