"Is this the best I can do?"

April 3, 2010...

"Is this the best I can do?"

I ask myself this question often.

Wealth, Power, Fame

April 2, 2010...

1. Wealth. 2. Power. 3. Fame.

When I was younger, those three ideals seemed to dominate my thinking
and effort.

"There are no traffic jams along the extra mile."

April 1, 2010...

"There are no traffic jams along the
extra mile."
   - Roger Staubach

"I want..."

March 31, 2010...

"I want..."

We all wish it. We all say it. 

"I want..." comes in big forms and little forms.

Consistency...and the 10 second voice

March 30, 2010...


Sometimes, it's hard to be consistent, huh?

The problem with losing consistency in goals and attitude is we start to
lose our momentum.

A leadership tip...

March 29, 2010...

What recommendations would I give to someone in a leadership position?

"Surround yourself with great people."

Getting your thoughts and feelings to match...

March 28, 2010...

One of the most valuable gifts
you could ever develop is the gift of "self-awareness."

Too Many Shortcomings...

March 27, 2010

By definition, "wet blankets" are people whose pessimism can stop
momentum in its tracks. They are the one who are always finding the
negative and shouting, "It can't be done!"

You may know one. Or two.


March 26, 2010

I met a guy today who had a tough start in life.

What happens next...

March 25, 2010...

I'm one of those people that have a hard time focusing on the lyrics
of entire songs. I start out listening to the words closely, but it
seems before long, I am captivated by an idea or phrase sparked by the
singer. It happened recently.

I was listening to a song by Natasha Bedingfield called Unwritten.
I can't even begin to tell you what the song is about, but I can tell
you that single word sent my brain spinning.


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