Reach for Your Dreams

If you let life's issues continually derail your momentum, you will eventually forget how to dream, build...and smile.


Encouraging Others

Life offers a list of challenges to overcome in order to be successful. May our voices encourage others to check items OFF their list rather than to be another challenge on their list.


Powerful Thinking

You have the ability to turn a situation into what you predict. Like the epitaph on the pessimist's headstone read:

"I expected this." 


The Importance of a Detailed Plan

Without detailed planning, dreams never become anything more than fantasy wishes...and fantasy wishing alone is just throwing a penny into a fountain.


Go the Extra Mile

When we wait for change, we waste our lives. Going the extra mile to create that change, however, has the power to change everything about our lives.


A Thrilling And Exhilarating Life

If you commit to doing the best that you can each day of the week, each day of the month, each day of the year, you have an excellent chance of making all of those successful days add up to equal one thrilling and exhilarating life.


Don't Limit Yourself

New days mean new starts! The future is completely yours to do with as you wish! You have no limits except the limits you give yourself…so don’t hold yourself back!


Believe YOU CAN

Life is too precious and too short to live without giving your best effort. With so many amazing things to do, with so many interesting people to meet, with so much opportunity all around, there should be no excuse that should ever hold you back from going for it!


Habit #4 to Break for More Success: Working at a Job You Hate

February 3, 2014...

Focusing on creating the positives in our lives often starts with getting rid of the negatives. If our lives…in any area…are not what we truly desire, here is habit #4 (of seven) we can break that will help us walk in a more results-oriented direction:

Which Type of Thinker Are You?

January 30, 2014...

"I need just ONE person (one boss, one relationship, one "something") to change my life and make it amazing!"

"I am the ONE person who can change my life!"

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