Your Wish List

February 21, 2010...

"I wish..."

"I wish I had a new car." "I wish I had a better job." "I wish I had gone to college." "I wish I could date a girl like that." "I wish I had more money." "I wish business was better." "I wish my kids cared about studying more." "I wish I could lose weight." "I wish I could find the courage to tell him."

A Cold, Hard Truth

February 20, 2010...

I had a conversation recently with somebody regarding why people choose not to focus on personal development. In this conversation, we covered why people shy away from putting in the work necessary to really create the sort of life they desire.

Our conclusions were interesting.

Before I mention some of our conclusions (in brief), let me throw a few rhetorical questions out there:

1. True or false: Do most people desire to be happy?

Inspiration. Motivation. Transformation.

February 19, 2010...

To be "inspired." To be "motivated." To be "transformed."

Inspiration. Motivation. Transformation.

I believe when true change reaches an individual, these three words work together in perfect sequence. One doesn't guarantee the other...but the goal is that one will follow the other.

The Easy Road

February 18, 2010...

"I'll do it tomorrow." I've said it in my life a lot.

"I'm can wait." Yeah...I've liked that one a few times, too.

"Oh...what's one more day?" That's a good one, too, isn't it?


They makes us feel better for a moment, but get to used to using them and they can wage war on your goals and success.

What are you passing forward?


February 17, 2010...

What are you passing forward?

What energy...what attitudes...what words?

Are you leaving each person with whom you come in contact more positive...or less?

Whatever you are passing forward, rest assured that it will return to you.

C-o-l-d before h-o-t.

February 16, 2010...

Let me start off by saying that I am lucky. In fact, everyone who lives in southern California is lucky at this time of the year. Sure, our perfect weather is a "little-less perfect" right now...but "Whoa, Nelly!"...let's be realistic! When we see on the news what our friends in other places of this great big country are experiencing, then we need to count our blessings.

But still, I want to write about being c-o-l-d.

Happy President's Day!

February 15, 2010...

I have always been a fan of President's Day.

I like to read about former Presidents and how they reached the most powerful political office in the world. The specific questions sparking my keenest interest revolve in learning "What did they have to do to get there?"

It's in that question that we each share common ground with American history's most famous people.

"What do we have to overcome to go where we want to go?"

Happy Valentines Day!

February 14, 2010...

Happy Valentines Day!

To each of you who read what I write? Thank you.

From the bottom of my heart, you are deeply appreciated.

Please know I will continue to do my best to add a small boost of encouragement to your world, your hopes and your dreams...

With gratitude,


Garbage out...self-mastery in

February 13, 2010...

I love running on the beach. It is exhilarating, idea generating and empowering. It's always a highlight of my day. Every once in awhile, however, the ocean really throws back onto the beach all the garbage we have so carelessly thrown into it. And on those days, I cringe and my run is far less enjoyable. It hurts to see what we are doing close-up to the earth. also serves as a lesson.

"Kid School"

February 12, 2010...

Recently, I splashed through rain puddles. And it was fun. Forget the fact that my shoes got soaked all the way through to my socks. Forget the fact that I am 47.

Do remember that it was completely liberating.

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