Willing...x 2

July 2, 2009...

Success can be had by willing.

But not just by willing once...but by willing twice.

It's not enough to be willing to dream. Everybody can do that. We all desire. We all have goals.  We all want the best for ourselves. Simply willing to consider possibility is never enough to make it happen.

We also need to be willing to take action. To put in the hours. To apply the hard work. To sacrifice something we would rather be doing.

A step of courage...

July 1, 2009...

Have you ever wanted to make a huge change in your life, but overwhelming fear weighed you down?

The fear of the unknown...of leaving the known....can be absolutely paralyzing. The mental and emotional paralysis can be so intense that taking the action to make that change becomes impossible.

And then we forever have to live under a cloud of "I should have gone for it!"

Where does courage...the strength to do what you know you should do...come from?

It Awaits You

June 30, 2009...

We don't have to accept current conditions in our own lives if we find them unfavorable.

We always have the power to change.

Our thoughts. Our actions. The people with whom we associate. Our occupations. Our state of health. Our relationships.

All of this is subject to "us." And all of this subject to improving at a moment's notice.

The Extra Mile America Tour

June 29, 2009...

21 days from now, in San Francisco, the Extra Mile America Tour will begin. In a journey that will take me coast-to-coast, I will be sharing a life-changing message that can affect every area of a person's life.

The message is about the power of "going the extra mile."

Take a look at the Extra Mile America Tour video...and see if maybe there is just a little bit more that you can do to create the amazing things you want for you and the lives of those for whom you care.

"Practice Makes Perfect"

June 28, 2009...

It could have been shooting free throws, playing the piano, or learning how to dance. It could have been learning how to read, doing multiplication tables, or learning how to type.

In each of these areas we learned that "practice makes perfect." And in those moments that we did find perfection...and felt pretty darn sweet.

It's not forever

June 27, 2009...

Farrah was 62. M.J. was 50.

It's a stark reminder that it doesn't matter who you are.

Life's not forever.

Are you doing what you want with YOUR life?

My lucky day

June 26, 2009...

I was walking along the boardwalk at Venice Beach when I was given the gift of a smile.

At the same time, I was taught a valuable lesson.

I overheard the little boy walking close by...probably around age 5 or 6...say to his father, " is my lucky day."

The dad asked, "Why is that?"

The little boy said, "It just is."

Who surrounds you?

June 25, 2009...

My greatest successes? They have never really been because of me.


They have always been because of the people with whom I have surrounded myself.

They have been motivating and vision casting. They have been organized and efficient. They have been charismatic and sales oriented.

And every time I have surrounded myself with great people?

Success has come much easier.


June 24, 2009...

Being able to "think" and "feel" are two of the most special gifts we've been given.

Last night, I was provided a chance to do both.

An end of the day test

June 23, 2009...

At the end of the day, what do you remember more: the good things that happened...or the bad things?

At the end of today, take a test.

Type into the search engine of your brain: "What do I remember about today?"

What events, people, experiences, and moments come up?

Your answer might tell you a lot about what you've programmed your brain to focus on the most in life.

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